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For people suffering from Diabetes and any other sugar level related ailment well there is the bloodless glucose meter 2012 which should act as a savior to the painful finger-stick glucose meter. The traditional of method of measuring sugar levels in your bloodstream involves pricking your forefinger then pouring the blood drops on the glucose meter. Now imagine doing this 3- 4 times a day, chances are that the fingers are sore and genuinely sick and tired of the pricking.

Therefore, the medical innovators have gone a step further to create a bloodless glucose meter which is meant to serve the same purpose as the needle sticks only that it does not need any blood to check your glucose levels. The gadget uses an electric current to draw interstitial fluid found on your skin sweat glands and give readings of your glucose levels. Otherwise, there are facts on bloodless glucose meter 2012 which are:

The device is still under research on its effectiveness but so far the glucose meter 2012 is one of the few glucose meters that offers less discomfort in patients. In other terms, owing to electric current that flows into skin’s sweat glands you might feel a slight irritation but it should be as harmless as a dove.
You can set the timings on when you would like the tests done. For instance, if you used to test your glucose levels after every 6 hours you can set the timing on how often you would like your glucose levels tested. This leaves it with a competitive edge against the needle sticks.
The bloodless glucose meter 2012 is to be availed to the market mid this year owing to the newness of the device. Otherwise, it should be promising when it comes to efficiency levels.
However, one if its main challenges is its accuracy where there were various types of these meters which gave different readings on the same patient. This should mean that before throwing the stick needle into the trash bin it is good to check if results match with the bloodless glucose meter 2012.
The first model known as GlucosePilot came from China and later approved by FDA. This is one of the few glucose meters that had serious inaccuracies when it came to comparing readings with the needle stick. Otherwise, there are other glucose meters being introduced to the market and it is usually recommendable to consult your doctor first before plunging into the bloodless glucose meter 2012 as your sugar level tester.

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