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With various complications of the modern lifestyle, deadly diseases like cancers have become a major threat to public health. Apart from conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy, many alternative medicines developed by various parties are known to be effective in suppressing and even curing cancers. Cantron is one such amazing drug, which has been around for quite a long time under different names like Cancell, Protocel, Entelev, Jim’s Juice and Sheridan’s formula. While the first two are names of similar products from different manufacturers, others refer to the base formula used in all Cantron-like drugs.

The brilliant chemist James Sheridan of Roseville, Michigan is the father of Entelev. He developed a theory for identifying low-energy cancer cells and causing the body to eliminate them as foreign matter. This focused on retarding the development of cancer cells unlike other drugs at the time which encouraged them to differentiate. Unfortunately, major pharmaceutical companies weren’t ready to accept Sheridan’s work as Entelev could replace all prevalent cancer drugs due to its high effectiveness. Even the FDA opposed Sheridan’s efforts to distribute the drug independently, and it was only in 1983 that Gerome Godin, president of MRP, started selling the drug under the name Cantron.
Cantron is basically a bio-nutritional formulation containing a blend of organic compounds, vitamins and minerals. Researches in 2003 have revealed that it is one of the most powerful antioxidant drugs available today. Cantron is effective against a variety of other diseases like AIDS, herpes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, leukemia and almost all auto-immune diseases. It has anti-viral capabilities and can even defend heart diseases and high blood pressure in cancer patients. It is over 50% effective in regular cancers and benign tumors, while the number is even higher for brain tumors. Cantron is not very effective against ovarian cancers, desmoid tumors and internal melanomas.

However, the best news is that Cantron is almost free of side effects, except for an initial feeling of tiredness. This usually disappears in about two weeks, but may last longer in some patients. Patients with digestion problems may need to simplify their diets during treatment for better results. Apart from such minor issues, Cantron is quite safer than most of the ‘safe’ drugs like aspirin. Toxicology reports have clearly proved this fact. For example, once a woman mistakenly consumed a three-month Cantron dosage at once, but she only suffered from diarrhea for less than two days.
Cantron was formerly available in liquid form for oral or rectal administration. Now it’s also available in pill form, eliminating the unpleasant taste and offering easier intake. Being an alternative cancer treatment method, Cantron can be combined with formal therapies for better results. However, medical advice is essential before deciding to use Cantron while the dosage and dose schedule should be strictly followed to gain satisfactory results. It’s essential to mention that certain drugs, food items and vitamins are known to interact with Cantron or counter its effects. Also, Cantron is not recommended for pregnant or lactating mothers.

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