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Nature has provided us with various natural forms of cancer treatments, which are now being studied and implemented extensively. MGN-3 can be cited as one of the most wonderful additions to the field of alternative cancer treatment, despite being somewhat expensive for long-term use, chiefly because it includes no known side effects. Better still, clinical research also supports the effectiveness of the synthesized product, BioBran MGN-3. It was first developed over a decade ago, by Daiwa Pharmaceuticals in Japan. Although it’s not totally natural, MGN-3 is made by natural action on natural substances.

To be honest, MGN-3 is not an actual anti-cancer drug. Instead, it’s a powerful immune stimulant that can increase white blood cell count. So it can boost the immune system against a wide range of diseases including AIDS and similar immune disorders, diabetes, hepatitis and chronic fatigue syndromes. It is also recommended for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, both of which can adversely affect the white blood cell count. In some cases, it may also attack cancer cells directly. MGN-3 is made by combining rice bran with enzymes extracted from mushrooms like shiitake, suehirotake and kawaratake.

Large polysaccharide molecules like plant fibers are capable of enhancing our immunity, while offering other benefits like cholesterol regulation, reducing intestinal toxicity and improving sugar metabolism. Antiviral properties are found in rice bran, while mushroom fibers contain immunity boosters like beta-glucan polysaccharides. Unfortunately, most of these fibers are indigestible. However, researchers have succeeded in using mushroom enzymes to break these large molecules into hemicelluloses like arabinoxylan, which are sufficiently small yet quite powerful. MGN-3 is the name given to such a collection of compounds. They can enter the bloodstream and start taking care of our immunity, supposedly by increasing the production of natural cytokines including tumor necrosis factors. Cytokines in turn activate white blood cells including B-cells, T-cells and natural killer cells, so that the battle for immunity can begin.

Although extensive research has not been conducted on MGN-3 yet, patients who use it claim that there are negligible side effects, certainly not adverse ones. However, this has also led to controversy as almost all other drugs affecting the immune system are accompanied by some form of side effect. Nevertheless, the use of MGN-3 is discouraged in case of pregnant and lactating mothers, merely due to the lack of knowledge about MGN-3. Meanwhile, the FDA is also trying to curtail the marketing of MGN-3, claiming that it’s an unapproved drug product.

Little detail is available regarding dosage and other matters concerning MGN-3, although it may often depend on several factors like age and current health concerns. Natural origin alone is certainly not adequate for classifying MGN-3 as harmless. So it’s recommended to adhere to the directions provided on product labels. In most cases, consulting a healthcare professional like your pharmacist or physician may also be a wise decision. Testimonials of various patients who received benefits through MGN-3 are available online, and there are also several healthcare websites that can shed some light into the field.


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