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Cimavax EGF Cuba: A Boon for the Lung Cancer Patients

We should better start with an introduction to lung cancer. To define cancer, many of the studies published in the peer-reviewed journals suggest the phrase “uncontrolled cell proliferation”. There may be several reasons behind it. Most active effect

Monoclonal antibodies for cancer. ADEPT, antib...
Monoclonal antibodies for cancer. ADEPT, antibody directed enzyme prodrug therapy; ADCC, antibody dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity; CDC, complement dependent cytotoxicity; MAb, monoclonal antibody; scFv, single-chain Fv fragment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

or ingredients of the cell are the proteins. Behind every action and behavior of a living cell, remains a lot of protein interacting with each other.

The epidermal growth factor (EGF) is a kind of protein molecule which recognizes the signal from the exterior for cellular growth. The positive regulatory signal at the epidermal growth factors result in triggering a cell proliferation pathway. Cimavax is a vaccine based on immunology principles which aimes at enhancing the secretion of the antibodies against the epidermal growth factors. It may be debated that Cimavax was primarily patented inPeru, but the Cimavax EGF Cuba is perhaps the most effective vaccine against the IIIB or IVth stage of the Non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC). The NSCLC is a disease commonly seen among the smokers throughout the world. Surely, the discovery of Cimavax EGF Cuba is a boon for them.

Cimavax EGF Cuba is possibly the first drug of its kind. Actually raising antibody against the EGF blocks one of the basic pathways required for cell proliferation. The problem may be considered from a different perspective. Cells always have EGF receptors on the cell membrane. These EGF receptors actually receive the signal for the cell proliferation and then direct the cell to divide fast. The drug could have been designed as antagonists to the EGF receptors. Antagonists are the molecules which bind to the receptors yet do not trigger the resultant pathway. But, this may lead to several other problems. Blocking the EGF molecule ultimately results in target specific delivery of the drug.

The original paper which contains the information about the development of Cimavax EGF Cuba, can be found in PubMed (Id: 20387330). This paper discusses the stages of the testing of the drug. Possibly, this drug is one of the most widely tested drugs of cancer available. Five Stage I/II and one Stage II clinical trials have been conducted during the years of 1995-2005. The Stage II study classified the sample patients in two broad categories:- the poor antibody responders (PARs) and good antibody responders (GARs). In this stage of discussion, we should discuss some words on adjuvants. Adjuvants are the molecules which increase the immunogenicity of an antigen in living systems. Adjuvants were used to induce more immunogenicity in the poor antibody responders. Montanide ISA 51 was used as an adjuvant which yielded some good results.

Though a good number of scientific studies have already been carried out, there are also some questions unanswered till now. The safety of this drug needs to be evaluated for chronic usage in some patients. The drug’s effectiveness in later stages of NSCLC has already been studied. The drug’s effectiveness in the patients at the earlier stages of NSCLC needs to be experimented out so that the drug come out as a broad spectrum treatment for cancer in future.

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  1. My friend 55yr has stage 3 lung cancer. Where and how can we get CimaVax EGF…?

    We are in France.

    What should we do to get treatment for him.

    Pls help

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