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A life saving Drug -CIMAVAX

Cimavax is a vaccination which is being used to curb the cancer. It is vaccination which is suggested for cancer which is originated from Cuba. The interesting thing about it is that it was also allowed in Cuba to be given to the in the adult patients who are already with IIIB/IV non-small cell lung cancer. Cimavax- vaccination is designed on purpose for active immunotherapy. In active immunotherapy every individual’s immune reaction is thereby controlled in order to bring about the effective antibodies of the cimavax which is known as epidermal growth factor. The resources or the ingredients form which this vaccine is made are very scarce that is why this vaccine is very limited in amount and due to this they are really very expensive.  The ingredients used in the making of this product are either currently discovered enough or are available in very small quantity in this world. So that is why this should be used as a life saving drug.

According to research, Cancer is the second leading disease of the world which can cause ultimate death to the human being. Disease of cancer is very common in Cuba. This disease is so much common in Cuba that it is being considered as the major disease of Cuba. Most of the people of Cuba are affected from cancer. Cancer is really a life taking disease. It is such cruel disease that it needs urgent attention before its full intensification. The reason is that whenever your lung is affected, then death is near because this is the place where your breathing is coming from. For this reason, it is very important to cut low the price of cimavax in order to meet up with the need of the patients that are not having such amount to take care of themselves whenever such problem arises in their life time. The fact that the cimavax price is high could even kill the patient as soon as the disease is discovered and make it known to him or her, most especially, those patients that are not finding their daily feeding easy too cheaply. Due to the increase in the price of the vaccine, the Cuba government has also raise a subsidy in order to help the patients that are less privilege out of this deadly disease. With this news, it has added more life span to the patients and at the same time lifted their spirit with the hope that there is life. They are feeling happy that Cimavax has become affordable and their life can be saved.

This vaccine has provided relief to various people across Cuba and has performed its activity to curb cancer from the cancer affected patients. This vaccine has enhanced the reduction of tumor burden in the life of the patients suffering from this disease. Cimavax has surely been a life saving drug for the cancer patients and has performed its responsibility of fighting against cancer. What needs to be done is that the price of the Cimavax should be toned down as much as possible so that it accessibility can be increased.

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  1. Could you, please, provide me with contact information for Cuban doctor/clinic who developed CIMAVAX?
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    Natalia Bauer

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