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It is so daunting to go out on a first date with a person you meet on dating website. First date brings many experiences like the hosts of emotions, excitement and sometime extreme nervousness. When you first time date lots of thoughts start coming into your mind like and you become thought centered in question like , “will he like me” or “will i like him”, “what topics do i talk with him”, “what would happen if i run out of topics”.

I’m not an same sex dating expert, but I have many experiences related to my own, which I will try to share with you. There is no perfect template to follow in men to men dating or women to women dating but there are other peoples’ experiences which we can share, analyze and select the perfect approach. This article will offer some tips I have learned through experience in my own dating and it will also help you if you follow these tips properly. These tips are only tips if you never practice it, if you exercise these rules in date you can master these tips and make a date like heaven. Now come to question “how to date with lucky guy you have chosen ???” and “What to do want to do not in your date ???”

# You Have To Make It Short :

When you are going to meet a person first time, be sure that there is a short meeting between 1-2 hours, make your date short, it takes a lot of pressure off and control in this whole time.

# Which Place To Select :

Try to select that place which has lot activities around you and that activities gave you a lot of ideas to talk, if your head goes out topics to talk, look around and select any topic. The movies are good choices for dating but not in the first date, it’s better to choose coffee shop or the zoo where you can talk to each other and know each other.

# Keep Your Mind Calm And Relax :

Don’t think a first date as finding a new friend and keep focus on the outcome of the date. Just keep relaxed and try to make good conversation with your partner and make it good for both of you instead finding strength and weakness of your next person. If you feel more nervous before the date than take some relaxing exercises like deep breathing, visualization, etc.

# No One Is Perfect :

Do place too much hope and aspectation on person you first time dating, this may can lead you to discourage.

# What If You Go Out Of Ideas :

if you are type of person who doesn’t know what to talk , then think lot of ideas and topics before you meet him. Be attentive to your conversation and listen what your dating partner is saying. BE A GOOD LISTENER !

Select open topics in date because if you feeling shy or you’re in short of ideas to speak these topics help other person to speak more. let your humor to be shine during the conversation. Avoid conversational topic in your date as these can may lead to conflict which can make your date offensive

# Date isn’t about performance

Some people try to give the best performance out of date, Remember date isn’t about performance, just keep calm with your partner and enjoy that moments you spend together.

# Give Respect To Your Partner:

Show respect to your partner by maintaining good eye contact with him and be attentive to what he saying to you. Do not stalk around attractive people around you when he is talking with you. Show interest form your nonverbal and body language.

# Don’t Talk everything on First date :

if you are interested in sexual relationship don’t talk sex so early as it will make partner feel embarrassing


The key is the don’t take date as so stress take it light. the more you take it easy he more it will make your date more rewarding and easy-going. Cheers to your same-sex dating success!

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