Four Reasons Why a Cheap First Date is Far Better than a Fancy One

If you are a guy and you have plans to take your special girl to a first date in near future, your feelings may tell you to make reservations in the most expensive or fanciest restaurant you can afford. But try to ignore your feelings if you can. Choose to go with logic instead.

As far as a first date is concerned, it is far better to choose a simple inexpensive restaurant than to choose a very expensive fancy one. There are reasons for that, like the following:

1. It is cheap

Let’s face it. The only reason you want to go to a fancy place is because you feel like that is what you should do and that is what will impress your girl the most. Neither is true. Other than that, you would really like to save some money, right? If you do not take your girl to a really high-end restaurant, the world will not end, and the girl will not run away. So relax. Saving some money is never a bad thing.

2. It is low pressure

When you spend a huge amount of money for a date, the girl may feel somewhat pressured. She may feel obligated to stay at her best behavior since you put a lot of effort in. That is not a good thing. If she feels pressured, then she will not be able to act real with you. And a true connection can never be built if someone cannot act freely.

3. It is realistic

If you take her to the most expensive restaurant you can afford on your first night out, you automatically set the expectation that you will continue to do so in future. Do you really want to pay hundreds of dollars for your first date and then take your girl to cheap restaurants later? Not really, right? Then stop. Don’t do something that you will not feel comfortable repeating. Keep the expectations realistic. You will save yourself a lot of headaches and dramas in the long run.

4. It is safe

Now you certainly do not want to imagine this, but what if the whole date thing doesn’t work out? Just think about it a bit. Suppose she doesn’t like you all that much, or you don’t like her for some reason. Wouldn’t all your money go down the drain? So why not just go to a simple place the first time! You can always upgrade to better restaurants after you two get closer.

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