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Acupressure Points for Height Increase

Scientifically speaking, growth is only achieved after a specified period of time. Once an individual is past the puberty stage, the chances of growing a few inches more get slimmer. However, because medical researches are done around the clock every day all over the world, new methods of increasing an adult individual’s height are being discovered faster than expected.

However, many people will be surprised to find out that one of the most effective methods to increase one’s height is actually a natural technique – acupressure. Acupressure is the process of applying pressure on the different points on the body to encourage healing. Applying pressure on these points stimulates the pituitary gland – the gland that produces growth hormones. When performed every day, noticeable results will eventually come out of it.

There are at least two acupressure points on the body that can directly affect one’s height. These points can be found on the thumb and on the neck. Putting pressure on these two points regularly will send signals to both the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland so that growth hormones are once again produced. Note that these glands stop producing growth hormones once a person reaches maturity or adulthood.

Applying pressure on these points is as simple as rubbing the thumb and the neck in a clockwise direction. The hands can be used for such a purpose, although acupressure experts use special tools for it. Either way, it is important that pressure points are applied regularly in order to achieve the necessary stimulation.

There are a few other acupressure points to induce height increase apart from these two most common and most effective ones. And when combined with proper diet, the right posture, and correct exercises, the results may possibly be quadrupled.

Acupressure is actually based on the Chinese theory of acupuncture and the natural method of healing through massage. And aside from improving one’s height, both of these methods can help the body in a number of other ways. Discover more how acupressure can add two to four inches to your height. This is the cheapest and simplest method yet to boost your physical stature. And if ever you can’t do it yourself, there are many acupressure experts that can help you achieve your height boosting goals in no time.

Try acupressure if you have tested a few other ways and none had worked for you. If the so-called scientific methods won’t suffice, then high are the chances that these natural ones will do better for you.


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