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Diagram of a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.
Diagram of a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obesity is obviously one of the worst health problems in the modern society. Due to the abundance of unhealthy fast food and lack of exercise, a considerable number of people from all stages of life are suffering from obesity and its more adverse effects like hypertension, heart diseases and skeletal problems. When things are out of control, a gastric bypass surgery remains the last trump. Unfortunately, about 1 in each 350 patients may die from this risky surgery. It also has numerous risks and complications, not to mention painful post-op restrictions. As a result, safer alternatives like Roca Labs’ Formula are gaining more popularity nowadays.

Roca Labs’ Formula is basically designed to bring about a “gastric bypass effect” without surgery. It can neither treat nor cure obesity, which is obviously not a disease. Instead, it effectively reduces the available space in the stomach so that your food intake is automatically curtailed. This smart technique is said to be effective in halving one’s meal size, leading to fast weight loss. Many people claim that self-control also plays a great role in the process, although one will gradually improve his or her eating habits by using Roca Labs’ Formula over a few months.

The formula is a dietary supplement containing certain compounds like beta glucan, which can reduce the craving for sweets and balance sugar levels in the body. Many users are known to have received overnight results starting from the very first day, amounting to weight losses as large as 4.5 pounds. Since it isn’t a drug, no prescription is required. Although the FDA hasn’t approved or evaluated Roca Labs’ Formula, it has already satisfied thousands of users throughout the country. Roca Labs claims that a successful regimen will lead to a smaller stomach in 3 to 6 months.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to point out some arguments against Roca Labs’ Formula. As we all know, the body is quite delicate. Although obesity may bring about bad long-term effects, rapid weight loss may probably result in more adverse short-term issues because an overnight loss of 4.5 pounds is just too much for the human body. In some cases, the formula has resulted in a loss of about 30 pounds in one month, whereas the healthy loss per month is around 2-4 pounds. While some may be delighted to see such efficacy at work, it may soon lead to other complications. Conditions like dehydration and gas have also been reported, particularly due to the strength of the formula, in addition to other minor side effects.

Although its overall effectiveness is still controversial, Roca Labs’ Formula certainly seems to be a better alternative to actual gastric bypass surgery. The supplement is usually intended for use in the morning, so that it can remain effective throughout the day. It’s essential to take the formula with sufficient water—at least 8 ounces—to prevent choking. Patients with difficulties in swallowing are discouraged from using the formula. Roca Labs encourages you to seek medical advice if you have any specific health related concerns.

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