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It is pretty normal to experience hair loss because hair fall is a natural procedure of hair development. Falling of hair pertains to a process of abnormal activity when loss surpasses the regularity of natural hair re–growth. Hair loss affecting folks irrespective of their age is a sign of serious illness. Even though a part of it may be inherited and directly proportionate to aging or maturity of hairs; health issues such as Diabetes, Cancer and lupus are sensible aspects. Amongst other related causes, hormone imbalance, pregnancy and damaged thyroid glands; lack of a nutritious diet, high blood pressure and stress can also be included.

Home remedies to reduce & control hair fall

  • Massage: Frequent massage (softly) of scalp area with natural warm oil will help in activating the follicles of hairs, it is an easy way to cure hair growth; which will prevent dry scalp & infections. Frequent massage can improve the flow of blood in the scalp area and this will reduce stress too. Massage is the easiest way to cure newly damaged scalp.
  • Coconut milk: It is a fantastic natural remedy to cure hairs; the substance in coconut milk helps in softening of hairs, which means natural conditioning of hairs. You can also create a mixture of Alma Oil (Indian gooseberry) and coconut milk to heal the scalp. Use lemon juice to get rid of irritation and inflammation of the scalp.
  • Wheat grass: Wheatgrass is really effective in decreasing shedding tendency of hairs; so it will be a good option to apply wheatgrass juice in hair. Aloe Vera has the same chemical properties, that means you can use aloe Vera gel and wheatgrass juice to massage the scalp.
  • Neem (Azadirachta indica): Neem leaves are good for hairs and health because of its capacity of fighting with infections. Use neem leaves to wash hair and drink Neem juice too. Do both things once or twice in a week to cure your hair fall due to infection or other fungal disease. You can also purchase Neem oil for best results.
  • Natural supplements: Vitamin C, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin A B D E, Folic acid (maximum 2mg), Lysine, GLA, and Zinc are the best natural supplements to reduce hair fall and to make hair stronger.
  • Zunhairex secrets: The zunhairex secret program is a vital guide for natural cure of hair loss. Step by step instruction can be followed to achieve the stronger hairs and to prevent hair fall; repair your scalp with this program naturally.


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