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Breast size does really matter. It was proven that breast size are linked to women’s self-confidence. Women with big breast looks more sexy and appealing than those with smaller breast. This is also the reason why women are constantly looking for different ways to enhance their busts. Others are contented in using padded bras while some others go for surgical procedures for faster result.

If you are tired of using those padded bras that always get deformed after several wash, and you are afraid to undergo surgical procedures, here are some of the healthy foods you can incorporate in your diet that can increase breast size naturally.

Pueraria Mirifica – It is one of the best foods for breast enlargement. It can increase breast size naturally by more than eight percent of the original size. Health professionals in Thailand highly recommend this herb as a natural breast enhancer. It is so potent that it can bring back the youthfulness in every women.

There are many other popular foods that can increase breast size like Dandelion Root and Watercress Leaf. They can also stimulate breast enhancing hormones after regular use.

You can also increase your breast size naturally by giving it a massage. If you do this massage for twenty to thirty minutes a day, you will notice an increase in your breast size just after a month. You will also find improvement in your menstrual cycle. If before you are using a bra with cup A size, after religiously doing this massage you will need to a wear a B cup Bra. Here’s how, it’s very simple and easy to do. Rub your palms as fast as you can until it generates heat and place it on your breast. Massage gently your breast in an outward direction. Do it both in the morning and in the evening for one hundred to three hundred repetitions. Each circular massage should last at least two seconds. When necessary, rub again your palms to restore the heat before massaging again your breast. This massage will only take you twenty minutes per session. For a one size up, you will only dedicate thirty minutes a day of your time.

While you are waiting for the result, you can also increase you breast size fast by picking the right kinds of clothing.

  • Use Victoria Secrets bra. They are one of the best padded bras that can last really longer. You can throw them directly to the washing machine and you will still find their pads formed firmly wash after wash.
  • Wear stripes clothes and you will surely be surprised how they look bigger.
  • You can also try wearing dresses with ruffles around the bust area.
  • Use thin necklace with small classic design of pendant.
  • If you have a dark colored foundation, you can use it to enhance your cleavage.
  • Wear tight and thick dress. Avoid loose and lousy clothes to make them look bigger.
  • Avoid slouching. Proper posture is also necessary to give your breast some lift.

These are some of the ways you can increase breast size naturally.

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