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When women talk about the biggest love of their life, what they’re really trying to share are the things that make that person their ideal partner. It is very true that women are Venus and men are from Mars. And with the vast difference between these two genders, what makes a relationship or better yet, a marriage work?

The simplest answer to that question is compatibility. A woman who is very compatible with her man is likely to be happily married or committed ever after. Here are the things that women especially look for in their future partner:

1. Confidence

A woman is very much attracted to a confident man – and that’s regardless if they know each other or not. Confidence plays a very crucial role as far as attraction is concerned. It need not be stated enough that a confident man gets a woman fully interested.

2. Sense of humor

Women wanted to smile, be happy, and just take life lightly. A man who can make even the worst things look brighter because of his jolly personality is sure to make any woman fall for him easily. However, it has got to be the kind of humor that charms, flatters, and drive the blues away – not the type that makes tasteless jokes and juvenile pranks.

3. Honesty

No woman wants to be lied to. And she doesn’t want the truth hidden away from her either. A man who is ready to be straight-up honest with her is the one who is going to win her trust. Everybody knows that trust is very important in any relationship. In marriage, it’s the one that sustains it to eternity.

4. Respect

In this ever changing world, respect can be interpreted in a lot of ways. But the kind a woman demands from her man remains the same. She wants to be treated with dignity and self-worth. She wants to be allotted her own little space. And she needs adequate room for self-expression. If a man can give all of these to her, then she’s floored.

5. Loyalty

Being loyal is yet another very important requirement for women in choosing the man to love. Loyalty means no longer flirting with other women. It means fully exclusivity and comittment. Infidelity and misdemeanors have no place in a woman’s list when she’s hunting for the ideal guy.

6. Intelligence

Whether you like it or not, women desire a man she can talk to in a way that would get her own brains working. While most women want to take charge, many are still relying on their partners for a second opinion, most especially if it is going to be a major decision. So it goes without saying that if you’re both intelligent and lovable, women will like you.

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