Death Bubba is slightly larger than Bubba and has less CBD than the Kush

Death Bubba is slightly larger than Bubba and has less CBD than the Kush, but it still delivers high-quality smoke that’s more than worth the higher price of $2,500 plus. THC: 20% THCA: 5% CBD: 0% Death Bubba is the eponymous strain that spawned the phrase “dying and all that.”

While Death Bubba is more potent, it won’t hit you over the heads like some other potent hybrids. It’s a great choice for people who live with sleep apnea. If you wake up during the night tossing and turning, having a headache, having constant muscle spasms and chills, or if you consistently have night sweats, this strain may be right for you.

Est. Steep Increase in Prices While Death Bubba was known for delivering mystical high, its prices have climbed drastically this year as demand has risen tremendously and supply has decreased. According to the Denver Post, buyers are willing to spend $750 for a pound of the pure hell that is Death Bubba, but today for just $360, you can get a comparable high from a more modest plant called Cinderella.

Even though Death Bubba is known for delivering a lethal vibe, a comparison to a high-quality Cinderella is in order. A pound of cut Cinderella produces a gram of highly potent Death Bubba with about as much CBD as a gram of the aforementioned strain; it only takes around 4 grams of Death Bubba to equal three ounces of Cinderella.

When you think of a strain that looks so simliar, oh geez, does it produce valuable results or not? Well Death Bubba has both. It is more potent, has a similar potency to Cinderella and is a cheaper high, but is still much better than the standard high. What are you waiting for? Grab a stash and start cooking up some high-quality hash today.

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