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It’s the first ever online Master box order of Glo Extracts! I have been a Medical Marijuana patient for years, so it was an easy decision to go with these guys over some other companies out there. Generally I don’t order from anywhere but my local dispensary as you know the cost is generally more expensive and not as good quality as ordering online from a huge facility like this one.

Order Glo Extracts Master box online – the “Master Box” which comes with everything you need to medicate on any level – Flavourless vape pen cartridge, 1g of Indica wax shatter, 1g of Sativa wax shatter, 1g of Indica oil and a pre-rolled joint. Everything came in discreetly packaged at my door within 4 days.

The wax shatter (marijuana concentrate) is really wonderful, I’m not much of a fan of oils but this one was super super smooth and the pre-rolled joint is great for days you want to conserve your medicating.

I will definitely be placing another order with Glo Extracts! You can find their website here . For those who are new to ordering online check out the Master Guide for Buying Medical Cannabis Online by The Weedtube – it’ll change how you look at buying weed forever. Also if you have any questions about anything please feel free to comment below . 

Glo Extracts has an amazing product line, one of the first things caught my eye were their ‘Master Boxes’ that come with everything you need to medicate on all levels. It is very convenient especially if you are new to vaping and/or smoking and want to be able to try it all, their cartridges last a good amount of time! I got the 1g box and was surprised at how much shatter, oil and pre-rolled joints I got.

The flavourless cartridge is perfect for using in public as it doesn’t smell or produce any kind of smoke like other flower based cartridges do. If you’re looking into making the switch from smoking flowers this is by far your best bet. Also, their shatters are amazing; solvent- free , additive-free & super potent . Their ‘Flower Sessions’ offer an awesome variety box of different shatter flavours at reasonable prices. All in all, their products are great quality with high THC potency and affordable prices!

To find out more information on Glo Extracts click here . If you have any questions about their product line feel free to leave them in the comment section below . Thanks for tuning in! Stay medicated my friends…

The Wax Shatter is so smooth it applies like a soft butter. A little goes a long way which makes it last longer than most other concentrates. The pre-rolled joint is perfect for beginners, ideal if you want to conserve your stash while still getting medicated! I will definitely be ordering again from Glo Extracts when I

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