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Kidney stones are always agonizing and every sufferer knows it. This treatment comes in many types of natural cures which we will discuss in this article.

The common thing physicians recommend to their patients is a proper diet plan. A patient suffering from kidney stones should only stick to vegetable diet and should stop eating hard non vegetarian food such as meat and fish. Stick to vegetable and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated; you should also stay away from caffeinated drinks and processed food. It is weird to know that a diet plan can really help in curing kidney stones, but this is not just a cure; this is a reciprocation of what you did to your kidney, still confused? Well! Don’t worry, kidney stones forms due to salt we intake from non vegetarian food and a mixture of caffeinated drinks allows them to form big stones in the kidney. So if we reciprocate the same by following a vegetarian diet with plenty of water, then we can cure kidney stones naturally; It is a most common and proven method for curing kidney stones.

How the hydrated body can help in removing stones? The granules of little debris forms quickly in dried condition of the kidney and stomach, which is simply a dehydrated body. A hydrated body can stop the formation of building stones from little granules. Therefore, water can save you from medical procedures. Calcium oxalate, Oral potassium and magnesium are also helpful in removing kidney stones.

Fruits are also great in the treatment of kidney stone naturally. The acid in common fruits can break the stones into ashes; if they are not too hard. So if you can’t drink plenty of water, then try eating lots of fruit between the meals to stay hydrated as well as to crush the stones with the help of fruit acids. Apart from the fruits, cranberry juice is really effective. The cranberry juice can stop the formation of stone or it will reduce the stone size; It removes calcium from our kidney to stop the formation of stones. A person drinking cranberry juice daily will have the very less chances to get kidney stones.

If you are looking for a natural cure which can remove your kidney stones without pain, then you must try Kidnetonex remedy. Different techniques are available these days with some side effects, pain, and errors, But this is not applied to Kidnetonex remedy.

One thought on “Kidnetonex Remedy

  1. The internet can provide COUNTLESS lists of foods to avoid, in order to MINIMIZE formation of Kidney Stones in your body. Reputable lists from M.D.s and Hospitals and clinics CAN be trusted. These sources will recommend hydration (drinking lots of pure water), so your advice on this is GOOD.
    Your OTHER SUGGESTIONS are wrong and will cause great suffering and pain. a person must know what their stones are made of, in order to follow the best plan. Two or three RARE forms of stones are SYMTOMS of a very specific medical condition that Medical Physicians can treat and PREVENT.
    The bad news, the MOST COMMON KIDNEY STONES are made of CALCIUM OXALATE. Persons may minimze their formation, but probably never stop completely. Your bad advice: You said to take Calcium Oxalate by mouth: BAD ADVICE.
    You said to drink CRANBERRY JUICE: BAD ADVICE the eating and drinking of foods containing OXALIC ACID may lead to CALCIUM OXALATE STONES forming, if you are susceptible.
    Spinach, Swiss Chard and Rhubarb are also FOODS to avoid, while you are telling suffers to eat “vegatables” a vague and general term.
    You will see that most lists include other foods to avoid, such as EGGPLANT and chocolate containing high percentages of COCOA ( and don’t drink HOT COCOA either !!).
    In EVERY CASE, the doctors are warning you to avoid food items containing a lot of OXALIC ACID.
    Simple, yes?

    Again, the only good advice on your page was to DRINK LOTS of pure water to stay well hydrated.
    Please stop advising people so badly and poorly. Do your research. Check hospital food lists for Kidney Stone Disease.
    Thank you.

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