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If you are looking for fresh ways to make sparks fly in the bedroom the following how to perform better in bed tips will rock her world.

1) Lay a kiss when she isn’t expecting one – it is a huge turn on for a lady to be kissed when she is least expecting it. If she complain of any imperfections on her body then just kiss them reassuringly to make her feel wonderful.
2) Shave – even though stubble might come off as sexy it usually has a sand paper feel. Women love clean shaven men and wouldn’t want a whisker burn.
3) Watch some sexy movies – pretty woman, unfaithful and cruel intentions have some intense love making scenes which will make your woman go gaga.

4) Take notes – women often give subtle hints to what they want and how they want it. A good lover need to be attentive and should avoid literally spelling things to ruin the mood. Making in informed guesses won’t hurt.
5) Apply a good cologne – the smell of a man can send a woman in a tizzy. Buy a great cologne that is both pleasant to the senses and is something you can wear as a signature scent.


6) Make it a point to spoil her – before a night of passion you could surprise her with some of her most favorite stuff. Go out to dinner at that expensive place she likes or take her out for a long drive. You could even decorate the room with roses and candles to get her into the mood. There are many guys who take things to another level so use your thinking hats.
7) Go to Victoria’s secrets showroom and buy something fancy – if you want to get the bedroom sparks going take some time out to get her something to make her feel like the ultimate playboy bunny.
8) Foreplay – rushing into the sheets can sometimes be monotonous which is why both you and your partner must make it a point to try some fun games to get you into the mood.
9) Let her fantasize – pillow talk goes great with storytelling. Make her comfortable by asking about her fantasies and progressively asking dirty questions.
10) Switch it up – doing it in missionary can sometimes be boring for both the partners which is why trying out new ways to pleasure each other can go the extra mile in taking pleasure to the next level.
11) Sex toys – if you are looking for the right answer to how to perform better in bed then you might have to consider buying her a vibrator.

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