The Rolliii a Fidget Tool That Really Helps

Focusing on a single task solely is a major problem prevailing these days. It is more common in children who are unable to study with concentration, this makes students stressed out and anxious. This fact is backed by the data available from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Almost 11% children of the ages 4 to 17 have been diagnosed ADHD. This stat is alarming according to mental health and neuroscience professionals.

As a preventive measure of this problem a small gadget named fidget spinner is available in market now a days which is advertised to be a cure for ADHD, anxiety and stress. But problem with these spinners is that they are noisy gadgets which cannot be used while studying. Also, they need both hands to operate and control them, so students can not use them while they are in class or doing home-work back in house.

A new solution for this problem is now in the making named Rolliii. Produced and created by Robiii, Rolliii is a new, innovative fidget tool which is noiseless and can help to focus without disturbing anyone. It addresses both the problems which are present in spinner’s design. Firstly, it is a simple one hand operated tool which can be used while working, a main use of Rolliii can be on top of a pencil. This way you can relax yourself after writing for a while and then continuing your

task without wasting additional time. Secondly and most importantly, it is a noiseless tool. A Lahore based student of Environmental sciences experimented this using a noise level detector, his findings supported the claims made by makers of Rolliii.

I found that average fidget spinner made a sound of 60-70 dB while sounds from Rolliii were in range of 30-40 dB. Which is equivalent to talking to each other in low voice” These benefits supported by experimental findings makes Rolliii a better choice to be used as stress reliever.

Moreover, occupational therapists are critics of fidget spinner’s beneficial use.

Mudassar, a Lahorebased therapist said,

Fidget spinners are distracting as these objects were meant to be felt so that visual attention could be focused on teacher. But these are visually distracting” When we introduced him with Rolliii he was amazed with the design and concept of the product. He continued to say” Rolliii is quite astonishing gadget which eliminates the problem of being visual distraction. Now students can use Rolliii and still focus visually what teacher is saying.”

A Faisalabad based child psychologist, Ahmad jamal said, “Students now a days were in dire need of a product like Rolliii. It is a sleek and professional product which aims at solving the problems of children.”

Scientific Studies:

To support these facts and benefits there are some scientific studies done which found that fidgeting actually helps students of young age having ADHD. In one such research Julie Schweitzer of University of California, Davis came to a conclusion that students with ADHD scored higher in tests when they were moving their legs or hands compared to when they sat still.

Another study was done in University of California, to compare which tool is best to use for students. Researchers took two 100 students of a local school and divide them in two groups. All these students were facing some sort of anxiety or stress related issues. First group of 50 students was given a fidget spinner while they were in class room to help them stop fidgeting.

While the other group was given Rolliii to use. The goal of the research was to study if the Rolliii help to focused. After the completion of a period of 3 months, the results were crystal clear. Students who used Rolliii were 37% more attentive in class and scored 12% more in their tests than those who don’t used it.


One of the researchers, Dr. Allen, who specializes in neurosciences said

Children with ADHD needs movement during cognitive tasks, Their fidgeting helps in stimulating underactive parts of their brains, like dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. This part of brain is involved in impulse control, planning and attention” He added, “We tested mainly three main attributes of these tools:

  1. Nois produced 2) Ease of use 3) Visual distraction

We found that while spinners required more attention while using them and produced more sound, Rolliii showed the optimal set of characteristics, which makes it perfect to be used by kids and students. It will help them in their studies and also increase their focus at the work at hand”



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