Where to buy Shakeology in Canada?

Initially, you could buy products of Beachbody only in the region in United States but great news is now you can purchase it in Canada region also. Shakeology has 70+ super food contents so the government of Canada had taken long period to review its ingredients to give approval but now they have through all the products of Body Beach including Shakeology and it is being sold widely in the Canada.

Shakeology has very delicious taste and so any one can love it by tasting it first time. Shakeology is pretty perfect and exclusive food for your health and body. Canadian people always asks from where they can purchase Shakeology in Canada. Here are the brief details of your question. First option to buy Beachbody products is ordering from online official website beachbody.com, Beachbody is the certified distributors body of Shakeology. They have only rights to sell the original and genuine products of Shakeology. You will not get it on any other online store like GNC, Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Vitamin shoppe or any other health food mart. It is available on EBay but company will not give you any guarantee that you can receive original and genuine product by ordering in such a way. In fact, online stores like Amazon and EBay doesn’t monitor what exactly seller sells products on their websites so it is strongly recommended by the Shakeology to buy genuine products through beachbody distributors or order from shakeology official website. They also deliver your products on your address.

Many products of Shakeology are available in Canada, yet, some other products have been left out and still not available in Canada because those some products are still under reviewing and observation by the government of Canada after approving, they will allow products for online selling.

There is also a question among many people. How they can purchase a sample pack of different flavors. so that they can try it before buy it. You can purchase Shakeology samples from Beachbody Coaches which are available in your city, you will have to fill up the form like your name, address and contact details and then you may order for free sample bag for testing, they will mail you the same on your shipping address. However, you will have to take it for at least 60 days in order to feel change in your body and health. It is recommended to drink it 1 or 2 time daily for 60 days for the benefits of your health. Company also offering “30 days money back guarantee” in cash you don’t like the products. In short there is no any risk buying Shakeology.

Another way to purchase Shakeology is from a Team Beachbody coach. These coaches or club member will not teach you how to work out and how you can lose your weight but these coaches are the part of the member of Beachbody club. There are several benefits to become a Team Beachbody coach and even you can be a part of Beachbody.

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