Which is better shakeology or arbonne

Worldwide people are still looking for the best way to get a fit body and slim body while still maintaining their health. Shakeology and arbonne are the only best products here, but let’s see which one is the best of them all, something that will help you out without spending too much money. This article will help you choose between the two if you are still dreaming of that slim and healthy body. Both Shakeology and arbonne are meal replacements that offer nutrients to satisfy the body’s major and minor needs.

Shakeology has been listed to be the best, most well-known, well marketed meal replacement shake and fitness supplement program. The number of its distributors and customers has increased tremendously. Let us look at some of shakeology pros and cons of shakeology.

Shakeology is one of the unique products that has 160 calories in every single serving that unquestionably leads to weight loss where by the fats inside it are reduced to 2 grams for every serving.  Shakeology has a taste of chocolate which makes you enjoy in return to giving you great nutrients. Its users have free coaching support from the fitness coaches who help in you in attaining your goals.

It also contains Superfood ingredients in their meal replacement shakes. It contains low fat with only 2 grams with 1 of saturated fat. With also low decently low calories.

The only disadvantage of shakeology is that its prices are too high than other products. This is the main con for its users. It actually costs roughly USD 4.30. Another con is its MLM distribution system which has their enlisted coaches and distributors that are meant to sell the product instead of having various outlets to manage sales and distribution.

Now let’s dig in to arbonne and find out what it has in store for its customers. Arbonne is not one of the market leaders but it has a wide range of products and are more of a traditional brand compared to shakeology. One thing that shakeology and arbonne have in common is that they use the same multi-level marketing by use of distributors to push for their products.

Advantages of arbonne include 160 calories count per serving which is similar to shakeology, it is low in carbs with only 15 grams in each serving whereas shakeology has 17 grams, it contains more protein with about 20 grams per serving 3 grams more than shakeology, it also contains pea protein, and last but not least it is cost effective costs ranging to close USD 80 per 20 serving bag which brings it to a total of USD 2 per serving.

Some of Arbonne disadvantages is that it is high in fat, high in sodium with 480 mg per serving-20% of your daily value intake, it doesn’t have much fiber with only 2 grams compared to shakeology which has 6 grams, and lastly they are not transparent about their ingredients.

Calories Saturated Fat Sodium Carbs fiber Sugars Protein
Shakeology 160 1 gram 150 mg 17 gram 6 gram 6 gram 17 gram
Arbonne 160 0 gram 480 mg 15 gram 2 gram 9 gram 20 gram

So with the above research, which would you go for? Let the information above help you make a good decision for your health and body. My preference would be shakeology because of its many benefits though their prices are quite high, I would rather go for something good at an expense just for my health.

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