Which is better shakeology vs isagenix

Shakeology and isagenix are the most popular products in the market right at the moment. For people with a very busy schedule, these shakes are the best for use and can give the best options for weight loss and healthy nutrition. To optimize the benefits of the shake it is advisable to do some exercise.

Let’s compare the shakes according to their nutrition levels. Isagenix contains more protein compared to shakeology. Shakeology has 24 grams while Isagenix contains 17 grams of protein. To get to enjoy more protein in shakeology, you will need to add some skim milk thereby giving Isagenix a win on this comparison.

In terms of fat, shakeology contains less fat compared to Isagenix. Shakeology contains just 2 grams of fat while Isagenix has 5 grams. So shakeology wins on this stage.

In regards to calories, Shakeology has 140 for each serving while Isagenix contains 240 per serving. To add, Isagenix contains 10% more of cholesterol that is more than required for a day. Isagenix contains 7 grams of fiber whilst shakeology only has 3 grams per serving. Shakeology wins on calories while Isagenix takes the win on fiber.

Comparison of shakeology and Isagenix in regards to vitamins. Have it in mind that the best meal replacement shake has to have essential vitamins to help protect your body. Shakeology has 300% of vitamin C on daily serving compared to Isagenix which contains 70%. So shakeology also wins here. In regards to diversity of ingredients, shakeology takes the win with 70 premium ingredients whilst Isagenix has 50 of the same ingredients.

Since everyone is always concerned about the price of a product before purchasing it, let us look at their prices and compare. Shakeology goes for USD 120 for a month’s serving so each serving will cost you at least USD 4. Isagenix takes the win here since it costs approximately USD 51 for a 14 day serving, thereby each serving will cost you around USD 3.64. If the price really matters on your side, then Isagenix is more appropriate for you.

One great thing with shakeology is that they use enzymes in their shake. Both the shakes contain natural ingredients which makes them different from other meal replacement shakes. Shakeology contains 100% of vitamin A, while Isagenix contains only 50%. Shakeology contains the daily dosage of calcium at 50% as Isagenix only has 30% of the same. Shakeology also contains 100% of vitamin B6, while Isagenix has 70%.

Unfortunately Isagenix contains fructose which is a very dangerous artificial sweetener. Fructose leads to increased heart diseases, weight gain, and diabetes.

For the reasons listed above, shakeology wins. Shakeology does not have artificial sweeteners, less fat, less calories, and less cholesterol. Actually so as to get the same concentration of vitamins and minerals from isagenix, you will have to take 2-3 servings to equate that of shakeology.

Here is a table with a summary:

Isagenix Shakeology
Calories 240 140
Fat 6 grams 0.5 grams
Cholesterol 10% 3%
Protein 23 grams 15 grams
Fiber 7 grams 3 grams
Vitamin C 40% 300%
Vitamin A 50% 100%
Calcium 30% 50%
Vitamin B6 70% 100%
Vitamin B12 200% 100%
Cost per serving USD 3.5 USD 4

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