Which is better shakeology vs visalus

Which one between shakeology and visalus is better? Which of the two is the best shake for you? Let us compare side by side so that you can have a better view and idea. For Body by Visalus let us take their Vi shape shake since it’s one of their best selling product on the market. Both products have the same agenda of weight loss programs.

One thing for sure is that you cannot compare shakeology to visalus because of its quality ingredients that promote weight loss, increased digestion, and an increase in energy levels too. In one serving of shakeology you are sure of finding the following;

o   Protein which is from whey that gives you very main amino acids which helps in building muscle, lose fat, enhancing your brain activity, and keeps your skin healthy

o   Vitamins and minerals which help in supporting while keeping your health to the optimum

o   Phytonutrients which have antioxidants

o   Prebiotics that enhance your digestive system

o   And lastly but not least, shakeology has digestive enzymes that helps in raising the absorption rates leading to proper use of the foods.

Body By VI shake has effective ingredients. The shake helps in promoting improved digestion. So just what do you get in one of its serving?

o   A blend of proteins that really work quickly in providing a long-term nutrition which helps in burning fat and building lean muscle

o   Contains soy protein which is healthy for the heart and is non- GMO

o   It also contains fibersol which is a fiber blend that helps keep an individual full

o   Aminogen that assists the body in maximizing the minerals and protein absorption

o   Lastly, it boasts of 23 vitamins and minerals that work combined with other ingredients in helping to burn fat.

Using the ingredients verdict, shakeology takes it! Their ingredients are all natural and very nutritious for the human body. Automatically shakeology outshines body by vi shake in relation to ingredients.

So just how much do they cost? Shakeology will cost you USD 120 for retail including tax and shipping charges for a month’s supply. Buying as a wholesale, it will cost you USD 99 plus USD 14.95 distribution fee.

Body By Vi shake costs approximately USD 49 that includes shipping and tax fees for a month’s supply – 1 shake for each day. For clients that are taking the shake for weight loss purposes, it is recommended that they take 2 shakes per day which will cost USD 99 for a 30 day supply plus all the shipping and tax costs.

Using the cost verdict, it is clear that the Vi shake is way much cheaper at only USD 49 compared to shakeology. So when looking at their cost, Vi shake is the winner. Even if you are to order their shape kit for the weight loss programme which would cost you USD 99, it still cheaper.

Here is a table to help you in summarizing all the details;

Body By Vi % DV Shakeology %DV
Calories 90 140
Calories from fat 10 10 3
Total fat 1 2 .05 g 0
Saturated fat 0 0 0 0
Trans fat 0 0 0 0
Cholesterol 15 mg 5 10 mg 3
Sodium 75 mg 3 95 4
Potassium 125 mg 4
Total carbs 7 g 2 19 g 6
Dietary fiber 5 22 3 g 13
Sugars 1 g 11 g
Protein 12 g 24 15 g 30

The final overall verdict is that both products are great and you can attain your desired results with either. Though shakeology seems to overtake the Vi shake because of its wide range of nutrients and benefits.

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