Which shakeology is vegan?

Shakeology is always on the move in giving its customers different tastes and products of their shake while also increasing their health benefits. Beachbody recently introduced vegan shakes. One of their famous one is chocolate vegan shake. The vegan shakes contain GMO free oat protein which is a very nutritious protein source that is rich in essential amino acids. Shakeology vegan products include chocolate vegan shake, tropical strawberry vegan shake, greenberry and strawberry vegan shake.

Chocolate vegan shake and tropical strawberry vegan shakeology uses organic agave fruit powder which is non GMO and wholesome. Agave contains fructose which has an added advantage of having inulin – a fiber that helps in the digestive system. The agave that is used in shakeology is organic and is naturally gotten from enzymes.

You actually do not need to be a vegan shakeology lover, it is usually a great idea to give your body a break from animal product which have almost consumed everything in the market shelves. When you replace animal product with plant based proteins, you are assured of maintaining a healthy weight, lessen your digestive problems, lastly it will help you feel lighter and energetic. It is actually not really meant for only vegetarians but for everyone who loves to take care of their body health wise.

If you would love to have a trial tasting for vegan shakeology, it will only cost you USD 19.95. You shall receive 2 chocolate vegan and 2 tropical strawberry vegan packets, a guide, and several recipes. For the trial, you will have to choose which flavor will suit you.

Note that chocolate and tropical strawberry vegan are both dairy free, lactose free, and soy free. The shakeology vegan formulas are not usually fortified with mineral isolates and any additional vitamins, so for those who love whole foods it is the best deal of all time. The company has since introduced new formulas to make them tastier than ever by adding cocoa to the chocolate vegan shakeology for it to be chocolatier and tangy – sweet guava was added to the tropical strawberry to enhance its taste.

Vegetarians or just shakeology lovers really do not need to follow a full vegan diet, they can still enjoy its benefits by replacing a single meal daily with chocolate or tropical strawberry vegan shakeology.

The vegan shakeology are smoother than the other shakes. It is 100% tastier to your taste buds. GMO free oat protein was also added to the original vegan protein blend of pea and rice that has helped in keeping the consistency of the vegan shakes smooth and creamy.

The main advantage of taking vegan shakes is that they are more easily digested compared to animal proteins. You are assured of getting whole foods in the vegan shake since their ingredients are all form plants and are free of dairy products.

Only problem with the vegan shakes is that they come with a hefty price. For example the tropical strawberry and chocolate vegan go for USD 129 for a 30 day serving. Though you are assured of quality stuff.

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