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It  is very important that you maintain a very healthy eating. Unhealthy eating  involves  eating  of foods that can cause disease to the human body. Your health must be your primary responsibility, you must not skip meals or eat junk food.

In  this age we are in,  the internet , fast cars, fast food and even fast banking  have taken our time and schedule such that we are not conscious  of our eating habits.  Taking  time to watch the food and water we take is very important to our health .

Like a saying i always hear from my Dad when i was small, that ‘’health is wealth’’.  We have become so busy that we hardly notice the food we take into our body. Furthermore, many of the food we take that we actually believe will make us maintain a good balance diet may lead to weight gain.

Make sure you stay away from bad eating habits to get on the right track to a healthier and more satisfying eating  experience.

Some of us have become so busy that we skip breakfast in the morning and then when we get to work, we take junk foods. You need to be careful, if you want to live long make sure you watch the food you eat.

Another important point i will like to add to this is that, make sure you don’t eat  before bed.

Eat early enough before bed time, because if you eat before bed time, the food you ate may cause you a bad night and undigestion. Make sure you stay away from food that has too much of caffiene, fats, and protein.

Eating  fatty foods or food that has too much of caffiene can slow down the rate at which your stomach operates and it can result to  exacerbating indigestion. You know, most people eat anyhow wihtout having the idea of how harmful calories and fats can be to the body.  Fats and calories lead to unhealthy eating and overweight.

Another thing you should be careful of is junk foods. You know like may Dad always say, a pack of cheese will only lead to wanting more. Make sure you stay away from junk foods.

Lastly, get a food routine book, that you can use to train yourself on the type of food you will eat  daily. I don’t know how to stress this enough, stay away from junk food,  calories,  and fats.

Maintain an healthy eating habit and be on your way to everlasting prosperity.

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