How to handle Flogosis

H + E section of colectomy specimen showing th...
H + E section of colectomy specimen showing that the inflammation of Crohn’s disease is transmural. The specimen was released into public domain on permission of patient. — Samir धर्म 09:47, 3 June 2006 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flogosis is a word originating from the Spanish dialect meaning inflammation. This is a medical condition that is generally referred to as swelling. It is normally as a result of infection by a pathogen. The mechanism of inflammation is purely biological. When the body is attacked by pathogens, it has a protective mechanism that fights these pathogens to eradicate them from the body or keep them at bay. In doing this, the body cells are affected resulting to inflammation. Typically, the condition was referred to as burning heat. This is based on the fact that, the area affected by an inflammation is normally hot and has a burning sensation.

Medically, inflammation has more significance rather than just the swelling. It is normally a good sign as it is a symptom that shows something more serious is affecting the body. This condition is normally confined to the outer surface of the body so it is considered to be external rather than internal. It affects the largest organ in the body, the skin. Mostly, inflammation will occur when you have an injury. However, some of the other cases when you might undergo an inflammation are during the cold weather, allergy or stage in life.

When a part of your body is about to get an inflammation, there are several symptoms that you will experience. The first one is in most cases irritation. When the surface irritates, you will as would be expected rub it. This causes reddening of the skin which is then followed by pain. The surface becomes painful then swells. The swelling is normally inconveniencing and stressing especially if painful. The affected area will then lose its functioning, for example, the skin around the affected area will lose the sense of touch.

The most cases of flogosis can be handled at home. There are several strategies to do this and they include: good nursing of wounds, messaging and application of hot water or ice. The method you can use if dependant on the cause of the inflammation. If it is as a result of the cold weather, you might consider use of hot water. The water should be hot enough as to not cause scalds. If you have got a wound, you should nurse it well and cover it open. An open wound opens up the skin and provides a very good entry avenue for pathogens.

However, if the cause of the inflammation is not known, you should consult a medical doctor. If it is a simple inflammation as a result of the white blood cells fitting pathogens, then the best remedy is to take some antibiotics. These will help the natural body protective system to fight the microorganisms. If the doctor diagnosis any other disorder resulting to the swelling, they will also treat the disorder.

However, for some inflammations the cause is simple allergy. For example, if your body responds to an external stimulus, the most possible result is it will swell, the best example is pollen. For most inflammations however, exercise works miracles. All you need is to engage in exercise, it engages the muscles in the affected area to remain active and even cause speedy healing.

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