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English: Musclespindle Nederlands: Spierspoeltjes
English: Musclespindle Nederlands: Spierspoeltjes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your muscles are composed of two types of fibers: Slow twitch and fast twitch. Each muscle in your body contains various small fibers. The percentage of these small fibers helps you to determine that how to train each of your muscle group present in your body. Slow twitch is also called as red muscle fibers or Type 1 and these muscles involve for long time in low intensity activates such as walking or performing any aerobic activity. Fast twitch are also known as white muscle fibers or Type 2. These fibers are further divided into type A and Type B and their responsibilities involve for short period activities such as Olympic lifts. You might have seen various examples of each make up of these small muscle fibers by looking at the sports athletes. These people can have 80 percent of slow twitch muscle fibers which help them in running efficiently for long distances. The super sprinters of the world can have 80 percent or more of the fat switch muscle fibers which can support them to make their body strong, powerful and perfect with the limited endurance.

Now the question is how they maximize their body muscles? There are many ways to maximize your muscles including various muscle supplements and also nutrition diet. Nutrition plays a great role in enhancing the mass of muscles. Here are some tips for those who want to build their muscle with the diet plan. Let’s have a look!

Plan your diet:

When you plan and consume the nutritional foods, your body starts producing more energy and power which lead to stronger and healthier muscle tissues. A healthier diet plan will keep your body full for long time and you will stop eating unhealthy snacks which contain sugar, salt, chemical and other unhealthy items.

Eat more small and quality meals:

Make diet plan in which add at least six small meals in one day which contain high quality food. By doing this, you will be able to increase your metabolism and it will consume your body fats in all day. If you want three big traditional meals in a day, it will reverse and develop sluggish metabolism.

Get more protein and complex carbohydrates:

Your meal should contain at least 30 grams of protein from fish, yogurt, lean meats, legumes and other healthy food. Complex cars are present in brads, potatoes and rice so use them in daily routine. Try to eat whole grain and also brown rice which are packed with the essential minerals and vitamins.


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  1. Can you suggest me which supplement i should take in order to improve my muscles along with a good workout in GYM.

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