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Apple cider vinegar coughs remedy and benefits

The apple cider vinegar coughs remedy is a natural remedy for cold, flu and sore throats and with the right dosages your nose and throat should be clear in a few hours. This remedy has not only been a remedy for coughs but other ailments which can list up 18 of them making it a “multi-functional” remedy. Otherwise, most people have reported positive effects of the apple cider vinegar coughs remedy when they mixed it with honey and a bit of water. Actually, its effectiveness lasts through a night till morning where people with coughs reported feeling fresh and the cough had disappeared. Therefore, some of the remedy benefits are as follows:
For those who are suffering from a cold they need to take a teaspoon of the apple cider vinegar in a half glass of water at least several times a day. The whole idea is to balance out the acid levels in the body because alkaline levels increase when one has a cold. For those who have a cold chest they may consider pouring the vinegar on a brown piece of paper and pepper on the other side then press the side sprinkled with pepper on the chest.
The apple cider vinegar coughs remedy is also a remedy to constipation where by all one needs to do is put 2-3 teaspoon of the vinegar remedy into 8 ounces of water and then drink it to combat constipation.

The apple cider vinegar solution is also a remedy to muscle cramps which is often caused by imbalance minerals particularly magnesium and calcium. Therefore, all one needs to do is add 2 to 3 teaspoons of the solution into 8 ounces of water and a teaspoon of honey. This should alleviate any aches in a matter of few hours.

The apple cider vinegar coughs remedy is also a natural remedy to insomniac people or people who have trouble sleeping. Therefore all you need to do is add a table spoon of the remedy into a cup of honey then take two teaspoons of the mixture and if you are not feeling sleepy in an hour’s time you can take another teaspoon.

In conclusion, the apple cider vinegar coughs remedy is a remedy to many other ailments although there are those who vomited the first time they took it but most of them felt better after taking it meaning despite the side effect it still worked. There are people who know that this is the best natural medicine they have had in a long time. Otherwise, if symptoms persist seek medical advice.

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