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In most cases, infertility has been linked to genetic abnormalities for women and men, infectious diseases and hormonal imbalances. As a result, infertility can be defined as the lack of ability to have a baby after trying for over six months with unprotected and regular sexual intercourse. Moreover, infertility also involves the inability to hold a pregnancy until full term, which results in miscarriages.

While infertility cases continue to increase, more research has been carried to identify the cause of the condition. Male and female infertility have been discovered to be mostly a result of physiological factors such as ovulation and hormonal issues, emotional and psychological factors such as stress, worry and pressure as well as environmental factors such as the environment, lifestyle, exposure to toxin and certain food items.

In addition to the genetic and biological irregularities which cause infertility, the following are a few of the top supposedly harmless infertility causes:

Genetically Modified Food: The Austrian Government carried out an investigation on the genetically made foods and it was discovered that a diet made up of these food items leads to infertility. This study was carried out on a selection of mice fed with corn that was genetically modified and changes had been found in their overall reproductive functioning and health. This result is due to the negative effects that the GMs will have on the gene expression. The effects will cause major fertility changes that can neither be anticipated nor predicted.

Soy Food, milk and supplements: Over the years, soy has been advertised for its amazing health benefits, as a good source for defense against breast and prostate cancer. But, recent studies carried out in the United States revealed that if soy based products are eating in excessive amount this could cause infertility.

Nuts such as pecans, almonds, walnuts and Brazil nuts: Fertility specialists generally advise individuals who are trying to conceive to avoid food items with a high copper content. All of these nuts including various other food such as peanut butter, liver, sunflower seeds, soft-shelled seafood (shrimps and crabs), consist of higher copper concentrations that is likely to control ovulation.

Overall health and lifestyle will be the primary causes of problems relating to unexplained fertility. Therefore it is always a good idea to check on malnutrition, obesity caused by zinc and vitamin deficiencies as well as emotional stress. Paying attention to your diet will just be one of the alternative ways to prevent and get over infertility concerns.


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