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Do you want to know when its best time of the month to try and get pregnant? Well, an ovulation calendar could help you to figure out the date when you are most likely to ovulate. Nowadays, this has been helping many women who are trying to get pregnant without using drugs or any assisted reproductive procedure.

You can use one of the free ovulation calendars that you can find online or maybe spend a few bucks to get a desktop calculator. Several providers usually charge a fee every month for people to use their calendar, even though the end result will be the same.

Can an ovulation calendar really work?

These calendars work to certain extent, but considering two factors which is the date of your last menstrual period and the average length of your cycle, this will be fairly simple. To ensure that you conceive within the shortest possible time, you should combine the usage of the calendar along with examining your cervix daily. Throughout ovulation, it is squishy and soft just like your lips, but once ovulation ends it will feel like the tip of your nose.

It’s also possible to examine the mucus that the cervix produces. For the majority of the month, this will be really white, dry and thick. But, during the times when you are most fertile in the month, this will change to a viscous, clear fluid that will stretch several centimeters in between your thumb and fingers.

Another way to identify when you have a better chance of getting pregnant would be take your BBT every day. For this, you can use a high-quality thermometer that is able to display your temperature readings in two decimal places as this will give you an accurate estimation of when you are ovulating.

When you take those factors into consideration, then this will help you to naturally boost your chances of having a baby. This will give you better results than if you were to just use the calculator. When you are doing these thing for several cycles you will get good results, because after doing it for a long time this will help you to become accustomed to your menstruation and ovulation cycle.

Needless to say, these suggestions will work superbly if you are having regular periods and you are ovulating at the same time monthly. If you have irregular period, you have to address your hormone imbalances to get your period back on track. Herbs will be most effective, safest and fastest way for you accomplish this. There are supplements with herbs that women have been using for hundreds of years to conceive. Just remember that the ovulation calendar has proven to be effective for most women.


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