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PrOfertil for Dads-To-Be

Being a Dad is the ultimate goal of almost all men. Those who get marry desire to have their own children. Kids make up a home. Every couple dreams to have their own kids…

However, not all men have luck on this matter. There is a considerable rate of infertility problems among men and it takes time for some to have it diagnosed. Fortunately, PrOfertil is there to help men overcome such problem. The medication comes in 60 and 180 capsules. PrOfertil is a dietary capsule for diet-related subfertility that happens in men.

The Male Infertility
There are many reasons why a man gets problems of infertility. It could have something to do with his genetic makeup, lifestyle, health conditions, mismanaged stress, and it could also be related to his dietary habits. Infertility may also result due to the sperm abnormalities such as low sperm count, weak sperm movement, and the shape of the sperm. The low level of sperm count accounts for many cases of infertility in men. There are still thousands of couples that hopelessly desire to have a baby no matter what they do.

PrOfertile: Healthy Sperms towards Fertility
But poor sperms can break this dream. Generally, it takes 3 months for the sperm to get fully developed. Any interference during this period, no matter how small it is, can produce a great impact towards the fertility of man.

To help men achieve their dreams of being daddies, PrOfertile was formulated. Each capsule contains Zinc, Folic acid- its key ingredients that have proven to have positive effect on the quality of sperm. The other substances found on each PrOfertile capsule are amino acid, L-Carnatine, Vitamin E, Glutathione, coenzyme Q10, and Selenium. In-depth research and careful scientific studies have been conducted to formulate a powerful capsule that will give every man of what he needs to overcome the challenge brought by infertility issues. PrOfertile ensures that couples will have healthy and happy marital relationship and finally create their own sweet home.

It is suggested though that before taking PrOfertile, one must consult his doctor first to know exactly the cause of his infertility. While the prescribed dosage is 1 capsule for three months until the woman’s pregnancy, it’s still up to the recommendations of the doctor. PrOfertile also comes in powder form (1 sachet per intake) which is dissolved in 0.25L of water.

Male infertility is a health condition that cannot just be taken for granted. Every man lives with a goal to have a beautiful and happy family. And PrOfertile shares part of that dream.

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