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If you’re trying to conceive, then you should take all the necessary steps not to lower your chances. It could be that you need to get pregnant in the fastest possible time. There are certain things that women end up doing mistakenly that could really mess up their chances of having a baby or it could even take them longer than they expect to get pregnant. In this article, you will find several of the mistakes that women make when they are trying to conceive.

First, sexual intercourse will not be timed around ovulation. Most women will just have a lot of sex with the hope that they will get pregnant, but having random intercourse will not cut it. It will be much better to time your intercourse around the ovulation period when you are most fertile. By doing this, you can enhance her chances of becoming pregnant, instead of throwing away a lot of effort on sex and perhaps miss the day when the egg was discharged to be fertilized. Bear in mind that an egg can just live for about 12 to 24 hours and will only be released one time each month. This means that if you miss this window, then this could significantly lower your chances.

The next mistake that women make is to have a lot of sex, but this could actually ruin your chances rather than helping. When you are having too much sex, this will lower the sperm quality and quantity. For sperm to get to and fertilize the egg this will take some fast movements and there must be numerous sperm to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Another mistake that women make when they are trying to conceive is not paying close attention to their lifestyle or general health. From time to time, they might get caught up in the actual process and neglect little things that could increase their chances. But, when you pay attention to your health and make healthier lifestyle changes this will be good for you. Are you aware that an excessive amount of caffeine can in fact lower your chances of conceiving a child? There are also other issues that could affect you such as stress; excess weight; unhealthy food; excessive exercise; drinking alcohol; smoking and many more.

Finally, there are certain health problems that could actually hurt your chances of getting pregnant including certain STD’s, blocked fallopian tubes, not ovulating, ovarian cysts and more. When you are trying to conceive, you should know about your health and other lifestyle issues as this will help you to get pregnant much faster and easier.

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