Ovacue Fertility Monitor Review

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Want to conceive easily? Go by the Ovacue Fertility Monitor Review

Ovacue fertility monitor is a device created for women who want to conceive. An ovacue fertility monitor review showed that it senses the exact substance level of electrolytes in your saliva. Evaluates and processes the information and then shows the results on a colored screen. The ovacue monitor can correctly estimate your time of ovulating for a period of seven days ahead of time on a monthly basis. This improves the likely opportunity of you conceiving.

An ovacue fertility monitor review has shown that the device has helped many women in conceiving. It has been tested and has provided an accurate and reliable rate of success measuring to about 98%. By sensing the steady increase of estrogen the monitor will in actual fact predict ovulation. It does all the work, in that it detects the steady increase of estrogen hormone concentrated in your saliva. This small portable device can easily foretell and confirm how close you are to ovulating and give the optimum time period of your climax fertility. You will get a head start of five to seven days before ovulation, giving you time to prepare for intercourse before you start ovulating. Since the egg cell is fertile for about twelve to seventeen hours time is vital. Because a sperm needs time to move up into the fallopian tube in order to fertilize the egg, the sperm will be present once you start ovulating due to the time given and this will improve the chances of you conceiving.

The ovacue fertility monitor review shows that it is safe to use the device; this is in comparison to the untidy unhygienic urine stick solution. The only thing that comes into contact with the tongue is the spoon size sensor which is placed for only three seconds.

An ovacue fertility monitor review shows that it can be used by all women despite the age as long as they have started their monthly cycle. Putting the spoon sized sensor to your tongue daily is all it takes. It normally takes three seconds for the monitor to collect all the information needed. It then assesses the data and presents the results within a short time on an easy to comprehend screen. When the device becomes aware of the progressive qualitative swell of estrogen in the saturated electrolytes in your spit, it notifies you within five to seven days in advance before your ovulation, thus helping you to make plans and get all set for intercourse and thus increasing your likelihood of becoming pregnant.

Although the price of buying the device is a bit high, the ovacue fertility monitor review shows that you only need to be buying batteries afterwards and you can use the device for as many years as you can.


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