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Considered by some to be an easy way to make an honest buck, sperm donation has brought many barren women and childless couples untold ecstasy. Though not as faddish as it was 10 or 15 years ago, sperm donation has not been phased out yet. Sperm donation has made it possible for couples who were once unable to conceive a child, to now be able to.

Who uses it?

Couples who cannot conceive due to sterility in men still use this as an avenue to have their desired family. Some couples do not want to pass on a genetic defect found in the male genes or an infection from the male spouse. Single women who still yearn to have children turn to this mode of fertility to get their desired family. Lesbian couples also prefer to conceive through a sperm donor.

Donor Selection

For those who are daring, they can ask a friend or a relative for sperm donation, however most will opt to go to a sperm bank. A sperm bank offers anonymity and a wide selection to choose from. Regardless of where you get your sperm, it’s advisable to undergo psychological counselling, especially so when the donor is a relative or a friend.

Donor Screening

So as not to be disappointed, it is advised that the donor sperm be taken through a barrage of tests to ensure that no genetic diseases are passed or diseases such as HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and hepatitis B. The sperm is then frozen and put in quarantine for 6 months then it’s evaluated for the same infections.

Getting Pregnant

If you are using an anonymous donor, the sperm will be purchased and sent to the fertility clinic. It will most likely be prepared for insemination. If the sperm is donated by a friend it will have to be isolated for 6 months before it’s retested and prepared for IVF.

Success with a Sperm Donor

A number of factors come into play when dealing with a donor. Your age, method of insemination, past history pregnancy and the number of inseminations per cycle can significantly affect your odds of getting pregnant.


This will be determined by the insemination procedure, the fertility clinic and whether the donor is a friend or anonymous. Most will range from $500 to $17000.


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