Acupuncture for infertility

Basic Acupuncture.
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Acupressure treatment is among the oldest methods for treating infertility. Over the years, experts have discovered that acupuncture could enhance and improve the ovarian and follicular functions, thereby treating infertility problems. It was also discovered that uterus lining or the endometrium could benefit from acupressure since it will increase the blood flow and make the lining much richer. Acupuncture for infertility also has a calming and healing effect on the body because it’s usually carried out at least 3 to 4 months prior to surgical procedures like donor egg transfer or in vitro fertilization (IVF). Since patients will be more relaxed, the end results are always positive after any of these procedures.

The fundamental aspect of acupuncture is the fact that all humans are made of energy, this would mean that there are specific points that will be more receptive to stress than others. When energy cannot flow freely at any time throughout these points, this could lead to problems like infertility and other health conditions.

Needles will be used to stimulate and rejuvenate these points to ensure that they are active as well as to create a free energy flow. Once those points become active and responsive, then the body will have a sense of harmony to enhance the chances of eliminating all ailments and infertility problems.

Many miscarriages happen during the first 3 months of pregnancy, so to ensure that a woman remain relaxed and calm throughout the entire pregnancy while doing in vitro fertilization or donor-egg transfer, the acupressure treatment will be given in the first week towards the twelfth week to avoid miscarriage. When it comes to acupuncture for infertility, care should be taken not to use needles in the pelvic and abdomen regions during insemination. In fact, there are six distinct points in the body which must be guarded carefully and acupressure must not be used on a pregnant woman. These points are the large intestine, gallbladder, spleen, stomach and the bladder.

Overall, it is common for most people to consider acupuncture for infertility when they are looking for an alternative treatment option. However, if inappropriate acupressure points are utilized to carry out this treatment on a pregnant woman this will increase the risk of miscarriage. Therefore, it’s very important that this treatment is only done by an expert acupuncturist. These people are specialist and will have the experience to deal with cases related to fertility disorders to ensure that the correct guidance is given to individuals who would like to add acupuncture to their regular or daily regime during pregnancy.


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