How to Increase Sperm Count

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Most men will not admit it but the facts, is they contribute to half of all obstacles that lead to infertility.  In the past, women were solely to blame for infertility problems or delays in conceiving. Science has shown otherwise. A common misconception about male fertility is that it is just about sperm count. Male fertility is complex and there are many physiological parameters to the condition. However, in this article we mainly focus on increasing sperm count.

Dietary Supplements and Sperm Count

There are known food supplements that have been developed to enhance sperm production and increase sperm count. In 2007 research by fertile aid for men showed that antioxidants, the amino acid, L-carnitine, minerals like selenium and Zinc help promote sperm motility and concentration. Anti-oxidants scour damaging free radicals from our system that cause oxidative stress to tissue and impair metabolic processes including spermatogenesis. L-carnitine plays a major role in spermatogenesis and in ensuring the maintenance of sperm quality and vitality. It also helps with the metabolic processes of sperm, therefore it’s good for motility.

Other Sperm Parameters

Although numbers are vital they do not give you the big picture. Sperm should be shaped normally and be able to swim in a sustained forward manner and exhibit metabolic attributes that promote longevity, speed or endurance. Sperm motility is the ability for the sperm to propel themselves in a forward manner. Regardless of the count, if this feature is missing, they will not be able to make the long journey that is required to fertilize the egg. The same applies to the shape of the sperm. The origin of problems with these sperm parameters is diverse.

The good news to men is that improving their fertility is something within their reach. Some of the things that they can do include:

  • Keep it cool: sperm are affected by heat. Therefore avoid hot tubs even tight underwear. Switch to boxers and ensure a cool climate.
  • Regular exercise is also good for general health and in reducing stress hormones that affect sperm, but should not overdo it. Avoid exercises that may impact the genitals.
  • Refrain from using drugs, smoking and drinking, no matter how moderate it may be. After all, it is a worthwhile sacrifice to make.

Try these simple steps and your well on your way to becoming a father. If you experience no meaningful benefits from the about techniques, then look for some assistance from a fertility specialist.

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