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When it comes to infertility issues, most people wrongly assume that women are the only ones with this problem. What these people are not aware of would be the fact over 50% of the infertility cases are because of the males. As a result of natural tendencies, men will agonize to some extent about matters relating to their sexuality. Many will view their ability to perform exceptionally well in bed as well as the size of their manhood as a way of measuring virility. Aside from all that, what men might think of as the most degrading and certainly unacceptable will be the possibility of not producing or even worse, male impotence. In case, you suspect that you might have this problem you need to look for options to find out how to increase sperm count when trying to conceive.

The most common reason why men will have fertility problems will be low sperm count. In the olden days, a couple who could not have a baby would be disgraced. When this happen, it was not unusual that people would immediately believe that this was because of some inadequacy of the female. No man is going to even start to think that they might be impotent, much less to admit that he could be the reason why they are not able to conceptualize. However, the latest medical reports are showing that an incredible 40% of infertility issues could now be caused by men. It’s not surprising that increasingly more males are looking for ways to learn how to increase sperm count when they are trying to conceive.

Today, society has started to accept the fact that fertility issues or failure to conceive might be equally credited to the reproductive makeup of both men and women. It is usually recommended that men consult trustworthy medical institutions which specialize in fertility issues to figure out the best way to increase their sperm count.

What are the most widespread causes of male infertility?

Most research shows that stress could be the number cause, with age in second position. Are you aware that a man who is older than 35 have much less chances to produce viable and healthy sperms to bring about successful conception?

A good way for you to increase sperm count would be live a stress-free life, eat the right type of foods and avoid bad habits. This can be complemented with healthy medications based on the recommendations made by your trusted doctor who specialize in fertility cases.

Finally, another way for you to effectively increase your chances when you want to know how to increase sperm count would be to take natural herbal supplements daily, which is specially formulated to boost the sexual function of men. These products are made after extensive and careful research by medical professionals and they have proven to be effective and safe.

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