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Oligozoospermia treatment: how to increase your sperm count

For those suffering from the frustrating problem of having a low sperm count oligozoospermia treatment can seem almost unattainable. In fact, for most men the problem is fairly simple to fix. Why? There are several reasons.

First of all, sperm counts fluctuate in men, so it is possible that the count is only temporarily low. Also, there a lot of lifestyle habits that can combine together to make the problem worse, but are easy to correct. We’re going to go through a few small changes that can help increase sperm count:

  1. The first step in oligozoospermia treatment won’t apply to everyone, but it is extremely important: stop smoking. If you don’t smoke this obviously isn’t a concern, but if you do then it could be having a pretty large impact on your fertility issues. There has been a clear link proven with this, so please don’t continue thinking that your smoking can’t possibly be the problem.
  2. Again, this might not apply to everyone: cut out the alcohol. It saps the body’s energy and thins the blood, both things that will lower sperm count. Additionally, it puts more pressure on your liver to get your blood clean and filtered. Keep this is mind: the less energy and work your body has to spend on other things the higher the chances of a normal sperm count. Why? If it doesn’t have to divert energy, your body will usually run itself pretty well.
  3. An extremely key factor for many going through oligozoospermia treatment is weight. Being overweight constrict blood flow and can put extra pressure on reproductive organs. It also drains the body’s energy, which as mentioned previously can cause serious problems and interfere with fertility.
  4. If weight isn’t an issue, diet almost always is. Make sure that you are eating the proper amount of fruits and vegetables each day (fruits especially). Not only will these give your body a lot of healthy energy, but they also provide certain things that are believed to help with sperm count. For example, the lycopene in tomatoes has been shown to positively impact oligospermia, as have several antioxidants.
  5. The last thing to try before seeking medical intervention is vitamin supplements. Vitamins B, C, and E are all linked to increasing male fertility and are extremely easy and inexpensive to find in supplement form. Zinc is also beneficial in oligozoospermia treatment, but be careful not to take too much.

If you take these one step at a time and really make the changes, your sperm count will increase to normal levels. The only reason that it would not is if there was an underlying medical issue beyond the body’s normal functions, and then a fertility specialist can help you start looking at medical options. But why rush straight to that? Give these a try, because most of the time these simple changes to a more healthy lifestyle are all the oliozoospermia treatment that is needed.

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