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In case you have to go through the process of finding sperm donors in order to get pregnant, you need to be prepared as this could become lengthy and time consuming. When you are using a traditional fertility clinic or sperm bank, you will come across many different counselors, doctors and other specialists who will help you to determine the necessary steps to take in order to find a donor who satisfies your personal and health requirements.

A genetics counselor can help you to find sperm donors if you are:

  • A woman over 35 and a man over 45
  • Using ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • An individual with a family background of recurrent miscarriage, infant death, birth defects, mental retardation or unique genetic disorders
  • Using fertility treatments to overcome unknown infertility concerns

If you are thinking about ART methods in order to conceive, you can benefit from consultations for genetic preconception. These people are able to get details about the risks, limitations and benefits of preimplantation genetic diagnosis and various other ART procedures in addition to discuss and assess options for diagnostic testing and prenatal screening.

Those who are using treatments to overcome unidentified fertility concerns are also excellent candidates to get counseling for preconception genetic. It is very important to recognize that inherited kinds of infertility can be passed down to an offspring if some reproductive technologies are used. In addition, some causes of infertility, like structural chromosome abnormality, could result in miscarriage or major birth defects. With counseling, education will be provided for couples to know about options and alternatives.

Many times, people will be left wondering why they were not offered genetic screening and details before conception, in order to avoid handling stressful and unforeseen situations due to genetic issues throughout their pregnancies. For instance, in one research of individuals who utilized PGD, also those who used it had little knowledge about PGD although they used it to get pregnant. Most of the participants in the study did not know which forms of health issues had been screened with this tool and believed that they did not have to think about diagnostic testing or prenatal screening during pregnancy when they used PGD.

Ultimately, finding sperm donors will be more than just selecting a face from online or a catalog. A number of tests will be required and questions have to be asked about emotional stability and health. You can find men of all races, sexual orientation and ages to choose from, some might want to be involved with child’s upbringing to some degree, while others want no form involvement. The final decision would be yours, as you have to decide on a donor who meets your requirements.


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