Facial Massage

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Facial massage is the most popular and effective anti-ageing treatment. It can relieve muscle tension in the face and can improve blood and lymph circulation which can make your skin look young and healthier. It can also improve muscle tone that helps you be relieved from headaches and eye strains. It can also help remove the user’s dead skin cells.

Professional therapist such as cosmetologist and esthetician can perform the task of facial massage while you can do the simple massage at home. It is most common to be used by all cultures for different purposes such as healing, pain relief and cosmetic improvement.

Any part of our body that is being pressed or squeezed can make circulation. The skin can become less elastic due to age and tension which results to rigid jaw, frown lines, staring eyes and pursed lips. Facial massage gives gentle pressure to our face that may loosen up our facial muscle that can result in having a younger, glowing and toned facial skin.

Always remember that the face is a very delicate part so be cautious when undergoing a facial massage. If the pressure is too deep the skin might bruise or swell so be sure it is done with the lightest pressure with an upward massage stroke which lifts the facial muscle and counteracts gravity. Regular massages to the face can lead to a healthy younger, looking skin along with mental and physical relaxation.

A facial massage involves the entire face. Be careful around the eye because the skin in this part is very delicate and has a thinner layer compared to the other areas of the skin. Conditions such as open cuts, boils, sores, skin inflammation, severe acne and eczema should not undergo this therapy because it may further irritate the skin.
Start with cleansing the face first with an exfoliant or masque leaving it clean and ready for a moisturizing massage. Use massage oil especially made for the face which moisturizes the skin and helps facilitate movements over the delicate facial areas. Set the mood when having a facial massage. Make sure that the surroundings are calm and quiet to have a stress free ambiance.

If you are after a relaxing, stress free experience that would benefit your skin then have a facial massage now to help make your skin look younger and radiant. Getting the therapy regularly will help you maintain your beautiful skin.

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