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Valerian (herb)
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There are a number of people across the world who struggle with sleeping disorders and some of these disorders include insomnia or lack of sleep. Therefore, instead of such victims seeking medical help they end up preferring over the counter pills. These pills are normally herbal, supplements, or hormones and very few are medications that have proved efficient. This also means that it is good to have a list of over the counter sleeping pills where most of them will help you sleep through the night and if taken consistently will help alleviate insomnia all together. Some of these pills include:

Herbal Zolpidem Sleeping Pills
These are not prescription sleeping pills and are a great recommendation for persons suffering from insomnia especially short term. The sleeping pills act as mild sedatives helping you sleep through the night and make you wake up in the morning feeling like a new born baby. In other words, with the sleeping pills you are assured of long and peaceful nights.

This one of the sleeping pills in the list of over the counter sleeping pills and has fetched greater results with time. The valerian is an extract of the Valeriana officinalis which is also sold as an herbal supplement. The pill achieves it maximum results when used with hop for at least 28 days for people with severe insomnia. Otherwise, no significant side effects have been reported so far.

Melatonin is a hormone that is released at night by the pineal gland to trigger sleep. Otherwise, most of the pills in the list of over the counter sleeping pills contain this hormone making the sleep quite natural. One thing that is important when using any of these pills is that most of them will not leave you feeling groggy in the morning with melatonin pills and supplements being the top recommendation.

It is an anti-histamine drug known to increase your sleeping efficiency if you take 50mg for 14 days. These are among the pills in the list of over the counter sleeping pills that are known to reduce insomnia severity. The pill did not report any side effects after being used.
In other words, these sleeping pills have proved effective and some even have a fan list owing to their effectiveness. For those, who prefer supplements then melatonin and valerian supplements should be the best option and other approved sleeping pills by medical experts. This also means that with the right medication you should have a good night sleep.

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