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Before i go into the main topic, don’t you think you need to know what is meant by Valerian?

Valerian is a very good perennial flower and it is found in some native parts of Europe and Asia. When it comes to pharmachology,valerian refers to an herb supplement which is prepared from the roots of the plant. Despite it relevance in pharmacology, it possesses sedative effect in the body.

Valerian is used a very long time ago by ancient greeks as a medicinal herb and it is known as a remedy for Insomnia. It is also used as a nutritional supplement in food.  Around 1994 to 1995, it was highly recognized by the health and  education act as the best product for sleeping.

I think i have educated you enough on the subject, now lets move to the main aspect of this topic.

Valerian pills is used as a sleeping aid, and it has some adverse effect when used excessively. It is often advisable to use it before bedtime, you can have a dose or more during the day but less during the night.

Valerian pills are often mixed with  some herbs, such as Hops and Kava.  One good thing about the pill is that it does not interfere  with sleep cycles and it helps one to sleep conveniently.

Valerian pills are often used by people to calm their anxiety or depression. It is also used as a very good sleeping aid, as it is enables it user to sleep very well. When used as a sleeping aid, it is mostly effective and recommended for individuals who have difficulty in sleeping.

It is useful for old women who have challenges in falling asleep and some other people who are too busy to sleep.

When used by this set of people, it can produce a very effective result in their sleep process. Valerian pills are also used by professors who love to wake up at night to read, and because of this habit find it hard to sleep after a very long time.

For people with insomnia, it can take a very long time for it to be effective. Valerian pills also have some side effect if used excessively such as  slight headache or stomach ache.

Another last advice i wil like to give in this article is to consult your doctor before making use of it.


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  1. i want to buy a valerian pill because im suffering from sleepless nights.i want to know if i use this valerian pill for a long period of time is safe or no other side effect or if i use this theres no possibility that this pill will be ineffective?

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