15. World Conference on Lung Cancer 2013

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In this advanced era where scientific research and inventions are at their peak, unfortunately there still exist such diseases which can not be curable in acute stages. It is estimated that lung cancer accounts for about 14% of all new cancer cases in 2011, but will cause nearly 27% of all cancer deaths. Over the past three decades, little improvement has been achieved in extending the lives of lung cancer patients. In the late 1970`s, about 37% of people survived one year or longer after initial diagnosis; now, three decades later, this number has only improved to 42%. People are becoming its victim in their ignorance. In order to make them aware and to give them solutions and advices, worldwide conferences have been held.

15th world conferences on lung cancer is going to be held in Australia in 2013.15th world conference on lung cancer is providing a platform for the propagation of the latest research findings in order to help and assist physicians and researchers in lung cancer, as well as on issues related to prevention, early detection, imaging, staging according to the new IASLC staging system, and analgesic care. Those interested in all aspects of lung cancer including surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, paleontologists, radiologists, pathologists, epidemiologists, basic research scientists are encouraged to attend this conference. 15th  world conference on lung cancer will also continue implementing special sessions for nurses, allied health professional and advocacy members.

15th world conference on lung cancer will encompass the following agendas:

  • Enhance tobacco control and smoking cessation
  • Identify effective global lung cancer prevention strategies
  • Understand risk stratification for screening and early detection
  • Utilize optimal biopsy and molecular tasting strategies to support individualized care
  • Optimize cost-effective imaging for diagnosis, staging and follow-up
  • Describe best practice multi-disciplinary management and identify barriers to its implementation
  • Appreciate emerging technologies and recent advances in treatment for lung cancer
  • Highlight optimal symptom relief and palliation strategies for thoracic cancers
  • Practice survivorship and support strategies.


For the convenience of all the official language of the 15th world conference on lung cancer is English so don’t miss this great opportunity to network with one of the largest international gatherings of researchers, clinicians and professionals in the lung cancer and thoracic oncology field. 15th world conference on lung cancer will bring together leaders in the field of thoracic oncology from across the world. As a sponsor or exhibitor year team will have the opportunity to network with these valuable contacts, providing a unique opportunity for your organization to gain widespread exposure to Australian, Asian and international markets.

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