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Cimavax-egf is known as a vaccination recommended for cancer which is originated from Cuba. It was also licensed in Cuba to be applied in the adult patients who are already with IIIB/IV non-small cell lung cancer. Cimavax-egf vaccination is purposely designed for active immunotherapy whereby every individual’s immune reaction is thereby controlled in order to bring about the effective antibodies of the cimavax-egf which is known as epidermal growth factor. As a result of the scarcity in this vaccine, cimavax-egf price is very high. It could only be used only when it is highly recommend.

It has been observed that the second leading disease that can cause untimely death is cancer. This is very common in Cuba. In fact, cancer is known to be their major disease in this place. It is such malignant diseases that need urgent attention before its full escalation. The reason is that whenever your lung is affected, then death is near because this is the place where your breathing is coming from. For this reason, it is very important to cut cimavax-egf price low in order to meet up with the need of the patients that are not having such amount to take care of themselves whenever such problem arises in their life time. The fact that the cimavax-egf price is high could even kill the patient as soon as the disease is discovered and make it known to him or her, most especially, those patients that are not finding their daily feeding easy too cheaply.

Due to the increase in the price of the vaccine, the Cuba government has also raise a subsidy in order to help the patients that are less privilege out of this deadly disease. With this news, it has added more life span to the patients and at the same time lifted their spirit with the hope that there is life. This vaccine has enhanced the reduction of tumor burden in the life of the patients suffering from this disease. Being a therapeutic anticancer, its active ingredient that makes it more active in application are manufactured by the center for genetic engineering and biotechnological GAR and PAR although, despite this active production, the immunopharmacology of cancer vaccines called cimavax-efg is yet to be known. Whenever a patient is immunized with it, the reaction from the anti-EFG antibody is highly prevented. Therefore, this is a new technique by which we can treat or prevent cancer from our society.

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