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The First Lung Cancer Vaccine, Cimawax egf (lung cancer cure)

The officials of Cuba have started producing the vaccine, Cimavax egf (lung cancer cure) after researching for 25 years, asserted by Xinhuane of China. The vaccine or Cimavax egf can actively be utilized as an active drug ingredient depending upon a protein. We all have this protein when the cancer is uncontrollable. However, the PopScience illustrated that Cimavax egf is not a defensive vaccine. Actually, it attacks the existing cancer of a patient.

In Cuba, this vaccine is tested on 1000 patients; however it is hard to authenticate. The head researcher of the project, Gisela Gonzalez informed the Chinese news sources that she is positive of the future of the drug. The drug, Cimavax egf (lung cancer cure) can keep the cancer in a manageable form. It can generate the anti-bodies against the proteins activating the unmanageable cell proliferation. This vaccine does not prevent the disease; however, it can uphold the status of the patient being sick critically. There are fourteen more types of cancers and these are in trials for vaccines in U.S.A. Out of two vaccines are preventative.

The immunogenic vaccine, Cimavax egf (lung cancer cure) is suitable for the patients with advanced lung cancers staying in three or four stages. There are no positive responses on the other types of treatment including chemotherapy and radiotherapy, added by the expert. This vaccine has passed through the clinical studies and the trials over one thousand patients in the Cuban Islands and it is now distributing free of costs in all the hospitals of the Cuban island nations. The researchers at CIM decided to use Cimavax egf (cancer cure) for the other cancerous tumors including prostate, uterus and breast cancers. Lung cancer is known as one of the world’s most serious cancers and it is frequently found in tobacco smokers. The World Health Organization asserts that the disease generally kills five million people a year. Moreover, it is expected that the figure is going to be 8 million in 2030 until smoking habits are altered.

Cohibas Cuba recognized for its exportable item, cigars is going to be known as the exporter of the lung cancer vaccine as this vaccine can turn the cancer in the advanced level into a controllable chronic illness added by M Tuner through Wikimedia. Xinhua reports that Cuban Medical authorities have begun releasing the first therapeutic vaccine for lung cancer. CimaVax-EGF is the outcome of the research project continued for 25 years. The project took place at the Center for Molecular Immunology, Havana. It made the difference of a life and the death particularly for them having the advanced level cancer. Therefore, it is a new lung cancer vaccine for a particular protein, Epidemic Growth Factor.

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