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Smoking lung cancer
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Obviously, there are certain things we must understand when it comes to lung cancer.
Imagine that your doctor has just reveled to you that you are suffering from lung cancer and you cannot live beyond 12 months. What will be your initial thing to do if you are in such a predicament? Well, you will be running from pillar to post, exploring the internet and asking for joint prayers all in a bid to find solution. Reason being that you have been informed that lung cancer has no cure but ultimate death.

We believe that maybe  it has solution if only you can be open-minded to the latest perspective. In consideration to the current modern technology, huge resources being budgeted for researches for lung cancer, billions of dollars being gulped on experiments and lab tests, we are supposed to be hopeful that somehow, there will be sure. The question is if maybe indeed there is effective cure, why is it maybe being kept from the public? My simple response is the love of money which they say is the root of it.

Year in year out, several billions of dollars are being spent by cancer patients on treatments and medication. In case the medical industry come up to say they have discover the cure for lung cancer, this means that they can no longer have access to the billions being collected for research.

Meanwhile, drug manufacturer firms and private medical organization are not unaware of this; hence they maybe connive to keep the secret from the populace. Rather than releasing the cure for permanent solution, they prefer to treat the sickness gradually in order to ensure that they keep returning and realized that there is effective cure, do you think it will be business as usual for the chemotherapist, surgeons or high-energy radiation. I believe there won’t be patronage anymore, yet this is not to say there is no cure for this disease.

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