Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer

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For individuals with lung cancer, chemotherapy can be a very effective treatment.

Chemotherapy can be defined as a cancer treatment that stops or decrease the fast growth of cancer cells. It can be taken into the  body either through the mouth, vein, and muscle.

Chemotherapy  is usually performed in hospitals and clinics. It depends solely on the treatment type, or on the person’s general health state.

When inserted into the body it can reach the cancer cells through a process known as systematic chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can be placed in the abdomen or cerebrospinal fluid. When inserted in these areas,  powerfully destroys the cancer cells present in that area.

There is also a process known as regional chemotherapy, it involves the stage or level at which the cancder cell is being treated. Theere are also some cancer treatment like  laser  therapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and endoscopic stent placement.

Chemotherapy has its own good and side effects, but it depends on the drug or side effect of each individual. Chemotherapy can be  destructive such that it can affect all the entire parts of the body including the blood cells.

The blood cell is very important such that  it helps fight infections, helps the blood clot and carry oxygen to all parts of the body. Chemotherapy can be so destructive such that it can destroy the digestive tracts and hair roots in  the body.

As a result of this, people may lose their respective hairs and it also have some bad side effect  such as bad appetite, nausea and excessive vomiting.

Most if the time, this bad effects stated above gradually move away slowly during the recovery times. But i will like you to see a very good medical personnel regarding this issue or health care teams because they know more about this.

Mostly, chemotherapy comes in the form or either a drug or injection. You can have the treatment with a combination of two to four drugs.  Chemotherapy often occurs within three to four weeks, and so a full treatment can take up to a whole 6 months.

Chemotherapy often works well for small lung cancers, and it spreads more rapidly in the lungs. Often, chemotherapy is used before radiotherapy or on its own.

If you have a minor lung cancer, your doctor may decide to have chemotherapy before the operation.

The power of this powerful treatment is really undisputable, thank you and i will see you in my next edition.

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