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Many health experts nowadays have recently found a number of factors that can trigger lung cancer to people. Cancer of the lungs is one of the deadliest cancers in the world and one of the most common factors that contribute to it is smoking. Medical experts have also recently found other factors that cause cancer of the lungs include environmental pollution and asbestos. Although this cancer isn’t topping the list off of the deadliest cancers in the world, this isn’t to say that people must completely ignore this. If you’re going to take a look again at the leading factor that causes death from this cancer, it can be easily prevented. The sad truth about smoking is that, a lot of people still choose to ignore this undeniable fact and they just keep doing it.

Another factor that causes lung cancer is asbestos. Some people may not know what that is; simply put, it’s made of mineral fibers which can be separated into durable and thin threads. The fibers coming from asbestos are heat, chemical and fire resistant and they apparently do not conduct electricity. While there are many benefits to using this material like heat insulation and resistance to fire, there is also health hazard to it. If one is exposed constantly to asbestos, there is likelihood that he or she can get certain diseases like gastrointestinal, lung and colorectal cancer. Cancer of the lungs caused by asbestos cannot be detected easily even in the early stages and this what makes it more alarming. This type of cancer may develop slowly but can spread through other parts of the body.

Environmental pollution also plays a great role in contributing to lung cancer among humans. Smoke coming from factories, burning rubber and plastics that emit harmful chemicals and smoke coming from vehicles are some of the best examples of environment pollutants. While these maybe inevitable, there are things that people can do something about it, to prevent them from inhaling harmful pollution.

The increasing number of people with lung cancer can be prevented if people are willing to be educated about it and how they can prevent it. Also, the government plays a great role in preventing the number of smokers increase year after year. They can implement a program that prioritizes the well being of their people. A yearly health particularly pulmonary check-up must also be implemented, especially to people who are usually exposed to asbestos.

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