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As we all know ,that lung cancer patients are increasing speedily day by day in our society. It is very important you go for an xray once you detect you have lung cancer.

Before going into this aspect, you need to be educated about everything that results to lung cancer

Lung cancer foremost is caused by smoking. Smoking is one of the ways you can do to speedily develop lung cancer. According to cigarette companies, cigarette contains a very high amunt of carcinogens which can be very destructive to the lung.

Because of the increasing amount of smokers, the United nations are taking active measures to stop this addictive and destructive habit.

Cancer is a very well known disease by all. And every year so many people fall as a prisoner to this dreadful prey. There are different forms that takes to affect the lives of people, and one of it form is called lung cancer.

As there are so many preventive measures you can take to prevent this disease, it is advisable to stay off anything that can result to it. There are many drugs and vitamins that are helpful in preventing or reducing the risk of cancer and they are commonly known as chemoprevention or abstainance.

You can detect or see lung cancer under an Xray. One of the test you will have is called the chest X ray film.

A chest X ray is about 2 inch in diameter and can easily detect even the smallest tumor. A chest X ray can offer ideas to the diagnosis, such as the lymph mode.

Even if the doctor detects that you have lung cancer, it is still advisable to have a chest X ray. When making use of the X ray, it is very important the your doctor detects where the  cancer is exactly, and check if it is responsive to treatments been given.

There is also what we call the CAT scan, its full meaning is  computerized axial tomography. It helps fast when diagnosing and staging. A CAT scan is a type of X ray that is joined with or combined with computing  features  to to detect the presence of lypmh nodes and  blood vesels in the lungs.

The X ray is one of the best i have come across, as it  has a clear and sharp image picture.

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