Smokers Lung


Smoking is a very destructive habit.  If you are a very constant smoker,it can result to chronic bronchitis.

Chronic bronchitis which nickname is smokers lung,  is a very chronic inflammatory disease. It can cause the respiratory systems to be irritated and ineffective, it is considered to be a chronic inflammatory condition in the lungs.

The symptoms of chronic bronchitis are deep coughing and difficulty in breathing. Chronic bronchitis is like a deep cough that occurs after about three months of smoking.

Chronic bronchitis is caused by smoking, and the rate and effect of this disease depends on how long an individual have been smoking

Other symptoms of Chronic Bronchitis are shortness of breath, difficulty in coughing and different chest infection or disease.

According to the news i heard recently, smoking is now the major cause of almost all the cases of chronic bronchitis .  if you are a person who loves smoking, it is very important you stay away from smoking to maintain your health and life span for a very long time.

The problem nowadays is that most people who are infected with lung cancer do not report to their doctor and therefore a serious lung damage may occur that may take their life.

The rate of chronic bronchitis can only be reduced if you quit smoking. And also, air pollution is also a factor that can result to chronic bronchitis.

You must do everything possible to avoid air pollution, also consider environmental factors and sudden temperature changes that may result to Chronic bronchitis.

Other things you can also do to keep your lungs healthy is to keep your cardiovascular system exercised. What i mean is that make sure that at least everyday you do a strainful exercise to keep your mind and lungs active.

If you are a cancer patient, it is very important you develop a positive response  to the treatment performed towards it. You should also attend pulmonary rehabilitation programmes to keep you infomed.

In this rehabilitation programmes, proper attention and hospitalization are given to ensure the proper care of lung cancer.

Well, i hope my message is clear. Please stay away from smoking, or do you want to die young?

Sorry about that, but it is very important i drive this message into your spirit so that you can know the danger of smoking.

Stay away from smoking, and live longer.

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