Anatabloc Side Effects

The side effect of Anatabloc, the drug, is a list that should be studied and looked over before taking the drug.  Like all drugs, Anatabloc has good features and not so good features.  Anyone looking to take Anatabloc should consult with a medical professional or Doctor to see if the side effects are worth risking.  Consulting a doctor is not mandatory, Anatabloc is considered an over the counter drug and needs no prescription.  You can commonly find Anatabloc at your local GNC, CVS, or Walgreens.  Before you take the medicine, here is a list of a few, but not all, side effects:


  • Weight Loss: Increased metabolism has been known to make patients using Anatabloc lose weight in some cases.  This side effect was reported in a minority of cases but never the less is a side effect.

Well that’s all folks!  Yup, the drug Anatabloc is very new and test, studies, and research are still in the works.  Blogs and medical websites have not even started touching on the side-effects of Anatabloc and anyone taking the drug should consult a professional before doing so.  Just because no side effects were reported does not mean the over the counter medicine for inflammation does not have any!  In most cases, this just means none have been reported yet.  To decrease chances of side effects when taking Anatabloc or any other drug, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Take Anatabloc as directed in amount:  To many patients taking medicines, pills, drugs, or the like to get better for chronic inflammation do not see results right away!  Do not stop taking the medicine or continue in an un-ordered fashion.  Basically do not take 5 pills when it is only recommended that you take one.  Doing so may cause unwarranted side effects to any patient.
  • Take Anatabloc as directed in time: The instructions on the Anatabloc bottle will direct you to take a certain numbers of pills, within a certain amount of time.  These time lines were invented by scientist trying to minimize adverse side effects from taking Anatabloc.  If the instructions tell you to take it every 4 hours, or every 6 hours, make sure you strictly adhere to the message.  No doing so may cause unwanted side-effects to any person consuming Anatabloc.

Anatabloc side effects are far and few in between.  Make sure to continue the research of Anatabloc side effects to stay abreast on the topic.

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  1. After the second dose (single pill) I experienced very aggressive liquid diarrhea and projectile vomiting. Strong enough to make my nose bleed. I wasn’t sick prior to taking Anatabloc. Never again!!

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