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Rumoquin-nf is a medication made in Mexico for the treatment of pain. Arthritis suffer are turning to the pill for treatment of pain when nothing else has seemed to work. Unfortunately, it is not safe to use. It is not FDA approved for use and that administration is warning that the drug carries some dangerous side effects due to pharmaceutical ingredients not listed on the label.

If you are on any type of prescription medication you should not use rumoquin-nf. Since not all of the ingredients are listed on the label there is no way to know if it contains something that will interact with the drugs that you are currently on. Your pharmacist cannot tell you if there will be an interaction if there is no way for him to know what is in the drug.

Many of the side effects that have been found associated with Rumoquin-nf have come directly from the consumers of the product; not testing. Patients taking the drug have reported changes in metabolism that resulted in weight gain, muscle cramps, when taking the medication with heart medication it has been know to cause the patient to be diuretic (putting them at risk for dehydration), and shortness of breath.

Lesser reported side effects include nausea, vomiting, rashes, headaches, and dizziness. The FDA is advising that if you experience any side effects while taking Rumoquin-nf to stop taking it immediately and to see your doctor. A number of these side effects can cause serious harm.

If a patient becomes diuretic and does not consume enough liquids they can quickly become dehydrated. Dehydration can be deadly if not treated quickly. Vomiting can also cause sever dehydration. Shortness of breath can also be deadly if it causes the patient to stop breathing, but a patient could also experience brain damage from lack of oxygen to the brain. Patients who continue to drive while experiencing dizziness are a hazard to themselves and anyone else who is on the road.

If you have any other pain relief options that have been FDA approved then you should use them. Rumoquin-nf is proving to have a large number of side effects and very little clinical testing. Without having run human trials current users are essentially the guinea pigs for this product. It is likely as people continue to use this medication that more side effects will be discovered and hopefully they won’t be too extreme or deadly.

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